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Making the perfect cup of coffee can be a real struggle when you are still half asleep and so is online marketing without tools that not only make your life easier but also make your mornings happier.

No matter if you search for the jar of coffee in the cupboard or for that problem in your onpage optimization, reach for the sugar that’s behind that stack of tea boxes or find that keyword that helps you convert more, trying to find that last pod of condensed milk or looking for that perfect outreach target, you’d much rather have your own personal barista just hand you your cup to enjoy at your own pace.

This session gives you a new perspective on online marketing, giving you a personal barista that you can train according to your needs and that only leaves you doing one little thing: stiring your “coffee” to make sure everything is mixed and enjoying it while doing your other morning routines.

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OpenS @ IMWorld - George Maicovschi - Online Marketing As Easy As Making a Coffee

  1. 1. 2 Years Ago Now
  2. 2. “Build it and they will come” Analyze Monitor React
  3. 3. Brewing coffee is boring! Boil water Add coffee Add sugar Add milk Every single day!!!
  4. 4. The programmable coffeemaker
  5. 5. … and more
  6. 6. … and more
  7. 7. Just stir and enjoy!
  8. 8. Using a collection of tools
  9. 9. But it gets tiring… It’s like brewing your coffee in the kitchen , getting sugar from the bedroom, adding milk in the livingroom and drinking it at work after commuting for half an hour!
  10. 10. Choices VS Why not both?
  11. 11. Agile Media’s Audit
  12. 12. Building the audit Onpage SEO Website Audit Report Generation
  13. 13. Are you getting better at making coffee? ● historical information at your fingertips ● at-a-glance statistics and evolution charts through the widgets system ● advanced, customizable, white-label reports
  14. 14. Finding the perfect coffee beans - keyword research - The DIY way ● ● ● ● ● ● OpenS Ubersuggest Related searches Manual SERPs Moz data Majestic data Social data Keyword Lab
  15. 15. Going all the way to Indonesia ● niche analysis, not only keyword research ● competition analysis, including external metrics from Moz, MajesticSEO and various social networks ● overall niche difficulty and competitors strength distribution
  16. 16. To each his own And remember, we’re not trying to drink your “coffee”, but rather help you drink a much better one. Download OpenS @
  17. 17. Thank you! George Maicovschi System Architect @ OpenS External Consultant @ Agile Media @encu