Why your business need mobile


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Why your business need mobile

  1. 1. Why YOUR Business Needs a Mobile Site
  2. 2. © Copyright BiznessWeb 2013 MOBILE INDUSTRY 94% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone 90% take action as a result 94% 61% 90% of smartphone users have searched for local information of users call a business after searching and 59% visit the location of these people act within 24 hours
  3. 3. © Copyright BiznessWeb 2013 SMARTPHONE PERCENTAGES 91% of all adults have a smartphone 99% of smartphone owners use their mobile browser at least once a day Of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones in use, 1.08 billion are smartphones
  4. 4. © Copyright BiznessWeb 2013 iPHONE SALES IN MILLIONS
  5. 5. © Copyright BiznessWeb 2013 MOBILE FACTS 67% say that they’re more likely to buy a product or service from a mobile-friendly site 48% said that if a site didn’t work well on their smartphones, it made them feel like the company didn’t care about their business
  6. 6. © Copyright BiznessWeb 2013 MOBILE FACTS 48% feel frustrated and annoyed when they get to a site that’s not mobile-friendly 36% said they felt like they’ve wasted their time by visiting those sites
  7. 7. © Copyright BiznessWeb 2013 MOBILE FACTS According to Google, 50% of all mobile searches are local! Mobile technology is one of the biggest advantages open to small businesses looking to gain an edge over large enterprises
  8. 8. © Copyright BiznessWeb 2013 ADVANTAGES OF MOBILE Having a mobile website allows a small business to connect with customers at any time and feed them live updates Connect with Customers A N Y W H E R E
  9. 9. © Copyright BiznessWeb 2013 AVOID LOST BUSINESS AND GET RECOMMENDATIONS 66% won’t return to the site if it gives them trouble 57% of users won’t recommend a business if they don’t like the business’s mobile site 40% will ultimately head on to a competitor site
  10. 10. © Copyright BiznessWeb 2013 GROW YOUR BUSINESS • Mobile search queries have grown by a factor of five in the last two years. • Small businesses that go mobile ahead of others can expect to enjoy a share of new business that is larger than their ordinary market share. • Mobile represents a huge new arena of opportunity.
  11. 11. © Copyright BiznessWeb 2013 WHY OUR COMPANY? • We make creating your business’ website simple and pain free • A mobile website will also be created for your business • We help bring in new business and repeat customers • We handle everything from start to finish • We’re extremely affordable • We’re fast & easy to use • We’re web experts
  12. 12. © Copyright BiznessWeb 2013 HOW TO GET STARTED CONTACT US ANYTIME BY: Phone: 1-336-625-7887 Email: George@Mobile-Law.com Visit our website: www.Mobile-Law.com