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overview of Intentional Communication Consultants services and programs


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overview of Intentional Communication Consultants services and programs

  1. 1. Intentional Communication Consultants
  2. 2. A few ofour clients
  3. 3. trategic/Operational Intentional Communication Consultants Culture/People
  4. 4. Relationships are the new wealth of a global economy
  5. 5. We support organizations to maximize their mostvaluable resource – their people.
  6. 6. Our Decision-Making Problem Solving Change Management Stress Resiliency Emotional Competencies Collaboration
  7. 7. Here are a few wayswe can help your organization
  8. 8. Neuroscience and Leadership
  9. 9. Critical Thinking
  10. 10. Building Trust In The Workplace
  11. 11. Transforming Conflict
  12. 12. Working Mindfully
  13. 13. Emotional Intelligence
  14. 14. Working Respectfully
  15. 15. Individual and Organizational Culture Assessments
  16. 16. The Four Rooms Of Wellness
  17. 17. As faculty members and seminar developers for the AmericanManagement Association we have trained thousands of people representing a diverse group of organizations and levels of responsibility
  18. 18. Louise and George AltmanSenior Partners 858.350.5550