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George lee non technical

  1. 1. Non-technical By George Lee
  2. 2. PDA• A personal digital assistant, or personal data assistant is a small mobile device. It is a mobile device that functions as a personal information manager. Modern PDAs have the ability to connect to the internet via wifi, enabling it to include a web browser. But some newer models also allow the user to use it as a mobile phone or media players.
  3. 3. Mobile Phone• A mobile phone is a device that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link. A mobile phone can be used while on the go, and are very portable. Modern mobile devices also include services like text messaging, MMS, Bluetooth, Infrar ed. Some phones offer more computing capabilities are referred to as smart phones.
  4. 4. Laptop• A laptop is a personal computer for mobile use. In the Laptop, there are the typical components of a desktop computer, including a built in keyboard, a mouse (Touchpad), and a display and sometimes integrated speakers. A laptop is powered by mains electricity through an AC adapter, this charges the battery so it can then be used away from a power outlet.
  5. 5. Computer Base Unit• The Base Unit is the main part of the PC, it lies flat or stands like a tower. It is the heart of the PC as it holds all the vital parts of the computer, like the processor, hard drive and optical drive, Etc. the base unit can be opened if you wish to upgrade or change components.
  6. 6. Tablet• A tablet computer is a mobile computer that is larger than a PDA or mobile phone. They are normally controlled by a touch screen. Many tablets have the ability to connect to the internet via wifi or a usb port, server.
  7. 7. Game Console• A video game console is an interactive entertainment computer. There are many different types of game consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii). The Xbox like most consoles, is controlled by a wireless controller and can be played online. The memory of the console can be upgraded by purchasing new hard drives or external memory devices. The optical drive in an Xbox is capable of reading Xbox games, dvds and cds, some other consoles are capable of reading Blu-Ray discs as well.
  8. 8. server• The server is a computer program that is run to serve requests of other programs(the clients). The server performs a task on behalf of the clients. The clients will run on either the same computer or connect through the network. Services provide essential services across a network to public users via the internet or to private users inside a large organization.