Competition Analysis System


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Datamine’s Competition Analysis System is a sophisticated, highly engineered data processing and visualization platform providing telcos with outstanding analytical capabilities.

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Competition Analysis System

  1. 1.
  2. 2. ContentsCompetition Analysis System 3CAS At a Glance 4Typical Business Scenarios Served 7Intelligent Adaptive Customer Handling 9CAS Impact & Benefits 10Assessing Customers 13Negotiating with Customers 14Recommendation Engine 17Business Applications 18Product Architecture 20Key Components 23Segment Designer 24Discount Manager 25Analytics Studio 26Social Network Analysis 27The Tariff Advisor 28Simulation & What-If 29Analytics & Modeling Services 31About datamine 32
  3. 3. 4 “ A major advance of the typical telecom IT infrastructure providing invaluable information at any level, ” from representatives to senior staff CAS
  4. 4. 3 Competition Analysis System An interactive environment for customer analysis, tariff development, CRM strategies and more CAS enables modern telecoms organization to: • Monitor & Analyze Competition Compare the complete market (competitor tariffs) against your actual usage data • Empower Product Development Create & Manage tariffs. Evaluate on actual usage data. Build Business cases • Optimize & Automate Tariff Recommendations Load-balance tariff offerings depending on customer value. Measure & Analyze results • Perform Efficient Tariff Negotiations @ POS Provide agents a ‘negotiation framework’ for a stepwise, cost-controlled offering scenario • Execute Aggressive Customer Acquisition Campaigns Provide agents a statistics-driven ‘negotiation framework’ for candidate customers • Deliver Online Personalized Recommendations Your customers browse personalized tariff offerings online and/or through smart phones • Gather Customer Feedback Systematically collect, analyze and report offering-related customer feedback CAS mid-term benefits • Empowered Competitiveness • Higher levels of Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty • Increased Sales & Customer Acquisition Rates • Enhanced Decision Support FrameworkCompetition Analysis System
  5. 5. 4 CAS At a Glance A powerful customer analytics framework, specialized for telecom operators Datamine’s Competition Analysis System (CAS) is a sophisticated platform enabling tariff modeling, advanced customer insight, interactive tariff recommendation logic design and more. Based on a highly engineered data processing and visualization platform, CAS empowers processes in the domains of Analytical CRM, customer handling, product development and data-driven decision making in general. CAS can be best conceived as: • An interactive tariff development & evaluation framework … ... enabling quick definition of new tariffs, validation and analysis against actual usage • A powerful Customer Interaction framework … ... automating and optimizing tariff recommendations, according to strict business rules • A sophisticated Customer Analytics platform … ... enabling customer, billing & usage analysis along with tariff suitability measures Either designing your customer retention strategy, developing a new pricing policy, assessing tariff performance against competition or building business cases to support candidate products, CAS will give you robust answers, ideas and hints through a single click sequence. “ Virtual markets: competitors, tariffs, traffic & customer data in a fully controlled, powerful ” and user-friendly environment CAS
  6. 6. 5 Top management Decision support information, KPIs, customer base dynamics, tariff Agents performance Deal Negotiation Framework, set of tariffs with loss/gain figures, priorities and hints, for optimal, interactive negotiation with the customer Product development managers What if scenarios, candidate tariffs assessments, traffic profile analysis, tariff transition patterns CAS Potential customer Accurate Recommendations based on traffic patterns/bill presented by the candidate customer Customer base managers Segmentation analysis, definition of policies & corporate strategies Existing customer Personalized tariff offerings, suitably balancing costs with expected gain Campaign managers Accurate target Groups, enriched with optimization informationwww.datamine.grCompetition Analysis System
  7. 7. 6 CAS
  8. 8. 7 Typical business scenarios served, optimized and/or automated through CAS CAS answers critical business questions, involving both day-to-day issues and corporate-level decision-making Handle inbound tariff related customer requests through any channel, with managed costs and standard communication framework: negotiate with the customer depending on customer value, specific corporate goals, tariff promotion logic Design powerful outbound campaigns offering a better tariff proposal for each eligible customer through personalized messaging and accurate savings estimations Monitor the market, perform competition assessment studies, evaluate competitor offerings against actual customer data (single customer, sample or the entire customer base) Perform customer base analysis with tariff suitability perspective: derive distance metrics for each customer within the exact eligible tariff space. Share tariff analytics across the enterprise through sophisticated reporting Model tariff analytics and suitability metrics against loyalty/ churn, customer satisfaction. Feed corporate information systems with customer analytics and traffic patterns Support product development activities through interactive business scenarios development, what-if studies, financial impact analysisCompetition Analysis System
  9. 9. customer insights 8profitabilityanalyticscompetitivenessloyaltydecisions Tariff assessment Tariff modeling & optimization Customer handling strategies Competitive advantagespredictionsstrategies CAS
  10. 10. 9 Intelligent Adaptive Customer Handling Sophisticated tariff modeling, customer negotiation tools, analytics: the roadmap to competitiveness Tariff modeler Customer negotiator Recommendation Pricing insight Customer & billing framework engine & analytics & analytics Markets, product Advanced tools dealing with Automatic, fully managed Sophisticated tariff Powerful components for catalogues, billing analytics customers real time tariff proposal system performance assessment managing customer base CAS hosts in its powerful Agents can now efficiently deal, A self-service component of CAS offers Business analysts a Customer base analysis database complete through enabled channels, CAS, launched through your wide range of advanced analytics tools, segment creation and telecommunication markets with any existing customer corporate-sitemyAccount on tariff performance – both for management components, (operators, tariffs, networks within the negotiation space section or via smart phone existing tariffs or hypothetical profiling & reporting, all available and network elements). The generated by CAS: this is a mini-application. Upon ones. Simulation components to the business user with a underlying, high performance ‘safe’ (cost- controlled) space, login, your customer receives allow the development of click of a button. Hundreds CAS Billing Engine generates as the outcome of corporate proposals, triggers or tariff hypothetical scenarios for of attributes on customer, tariff comparative data against policies and active business –related messages, all satisfying candidate tariffs and their subscriber, invoice or traffic – any actual customer for any set rules executed for each specific certain business rules, cost impact in your customer base level can be easily combined in of tariffs in fractions of seconds, customer. Loss estimations/ or other constraints. Your or financial performance. an interactive fashion, in order providing an outstanding user gain for each allowed proposal customers enjoy highly-targeted, Monitoring and analysis to build advanced, accurate experience in tariff development, strengthens agent’s position personalised offerings, while provides access to actual tariff target group structures, enabling assessment and competition and ensures corporate strategy. you retain full control over any performance figures versus segmentation or decisioning browsing. Closing the loop, customer associated costs, goals, priorities critical metrics such as churn (proposal eligibility) schemes. feedback can be easily captured and corporate strategies. rates, revenue and profitability. into
  11. 11. 10 CAS Impact & Benefits CAS has a major impact on critical customer-related processes and decision-making practices within the modern telecom operator: activities referring to customer lifetime value, loyalty/ churn management, customer satisfaction and other CRM-related initiatives significantly benefit from direct or indirect integration with CAS, it’s functionality and regular output such as enhanced KPIs, improved applications like micro-segmentation, predictive models, churn analysis and similar. Market Overview Business Cases Loyal, Satisfied & Analytics New capabilities on the compilation Customers of what-ifs, business case/studies, Tariff comparison, analytics & Τhrough interactive, sophisticated decision support on products, performance data, market overview customer handling strategies, strategies, offerings, customized and positioning against competitors, with optimized offering based on all available immediately after discounts customer’s profile, optimal timing, installation corporate targets and priorities Installation (t0) t0 + 6 months Analytics & BI Better Tariffs, Significant enhancement of the Market Positioning typical telecom Business Intelligence Through efficient, interactive infrastructure. Tariff Analytics, product development processes performance indicators, advanced along with advanced customer traffic pattern analysis have re- targeting. Innovative tariffs, with CAS defined the use of analytics within measurable performance leading the corporation to better market positioning and competitiveness Next Best Activity, Best Tariff Advise and customer lifecycle modeling - are all excellent examples of CAS positive impact in understanding the market, your offering, competitors as well as each single customer. Systematic tariff plan suitability and performance figures along with Social Network metrics, Customer’s Network Value and Traffic Patterns establishes a major, enterprise-wide, information enrichment process. CAS
  12. 12. 11 Customer Base Growth Customer Handling Strategies CRM Effectiveness Competitiveness Customer Satisfaction Optimized Offerings, Revenue Control Churn Management Customer Intelligence Market IntelligenceCompetition Analysis System
  13. 13. 12 ““ Understand your customers; Understand your customers; analyze your own pricing models analyze your own pricing ” ” against competition competition models against CAS
  14. 14. 13 Assessing Customers Innovative customer assessment tools through powerful analytics components Rich interactive user interfaces along with powerful analytical options enable instant, multidimensional analysis of tariffs against any single subscriber. With a click of a button you get tabular data or interactive visualizers on: • Tariff suitability for the subscriber • The best owned or market offering for the customer • The recommended (via business rules) tariff transition for the customer (along with impact figures) • The distribution of all eligible tariffs against their monetary distance from current • A wide range of configurable statistics including ARPU, AMOU, SNA metrics, Tariff assessment results, expected figures, all versus baselines, segment memberships and trendswww.datamine.grCompetition Analysis System
  15. 15. 14 Negotiating with Customers Optimized customer handling, effective customer acquisition CAS enables efficient, optimized in-store customer negotiation: your agent submits subscriber’s MSISDN and receives a personalized negotiation space, enriched with cost/ benefit information, traffic patterns, hints and supportive information. Subscriber’s response can be captured during the negotiation process, leading to a rich, invaluable corporate-subscriber interaction history. Customer’s request Forward to CAS Any type of related request such Agent simply submits the MSISDN or as tariff inquiry, bill complaint, other customer identifier, along with a tariff change advice, portability classification of customer’s request Existing customer Agent CAS Optimal proposal Set of suitable proposals The most appropriate proposal for CAS applies all the complex business the specific customer, according to rules on customer’s financial, traffic active business policies, suitably and re-rating information and compiles communicated and supported a set of proposals, providing certain benefits to the customer, while balancing corporate costs CAS
  16. 16. 15 “ Aggressive campaigns, strong quantitative arguments, outstanding ” customer acquisition rates For potential customers, where no traffic information/ invoice history is accessible, CAS utilizes a powerful billing approximation engine: a pattern-based estimator of tariff proposals for a candidate customer. The only input in this case is the traffic pattern as provided by the candidate customer, verbally or through demonstration of a copy of a recent invoice from current operator. Potential customer’s inquiry Forward to CAS Candidate customer submits a Agent simply submits traffic statistics, recent bill or describes his/her as found on customer’s bill, along with owned traffic pattern a classification of customer’s request Potential customer Agent CAS Present proposal, negotiate Get negotiation set The most appropriate tariff proposal for CAS applies all the complex business the candidate customer, according to rules on customer’s traffic pattern and active business policies, suitably packed generates a set of proposals, providing and communicated. Interaction with the certain benefits to the customer, while negotiation set, for a different proposal meeting sales priorities according to customer’s feedbackCompetition Analysis System
  17. 17. 16 “ … accurate answers to challenging business questions through simple, interactive scenarios ” against terabytes of complex data CAS CAS
  18. 18. 17 Recommendation Engine Enable automatic, personalized, Navigate recommendations Customer can explore recommendations, fully managed tariff proposals for review, dismiss or rate specific items, trigger tariff change procedure or ask for qualifying customers more information A self-service component of CAS, launched through Existing customer your corporate web-site under ‘My Account’ section or via smart phone mini-application. Upon login, your customer receives proposals, triggers or tariff –related Get recommendations messages, all satisfying certain business rules and CAS applies all the complex business constraints. Your customers enjoy rules on customer’s traffic pattern and generates a set of well prepared highly-targeted, personalised offerings, while you retain Customer login info proposals, in the form of promotional full control over any associated costs, goals Customer logins to myAccount HTTP:// messages, hyperlinks , mini-adds, or and corporate strategies. section of your corporate web in a structured, bill-like presentation of Your Portal / myAccount portal. The system retrieves the alternatives The logic behind this automated proposal is fully customer profile and related information managed by business rules and constraints ensuring minimization of any involved costs, and also a progressive nature in communicating the proposed tariffs to the customer. The presentation type/style, feedback capabilities and attached actions are all managed through Request recommendations CAS recommendation engine. Analytics, reporting Login event triggers automatic customer and performance assessment closes the loop for this assessment through CAS Tariff intelligent customer communication component. Recommendation Engine, which applies all available corporate policies, and serves your customer with a set of highly personalized, well CAS studied tariff proposalswww.datamine.grCompetition Analysis System
  19. 19. 18 Business Applications CAS generates multiple, measurable results in several dimensions. The value of information generated, brings a major impact on both micro and macro decision making processes of the modern telecom: optimum customer handling, increased customer satisfaction level, competitive market positioning along with controlled costs. Anti–attrition + Data modeling + Sales support ‘Save’ processes significantly benefit from CAS CAS supports the need to study the customer base The system can facilitate the design of specific comparative information: cancellation/port-out with the tariff suitability/ performance perspective scenarios based on actual or simulated traffic data, requests, tariff plan change inquiries or even through two major options: (A) use CAS reporting for sales activities. Particularly useful for corporate bill-related complaints, are best handled by a tools, parameterize, fine-tune and export sample of (business) account presales or retention activities: sales CAS-connected agent: CAS decision support customers or segments for further modeling and (B) professionals demonstrate the performance of the components combine analytical tariff model export raw customer data (best-tariff set of metrics) selected tariff models, against a complex, well-studied, comparison output with standard customer’s data for a specified customer subset and load to existing realistic (actual or artificial) traffic dataset that clearly (traffic profiling, trends, demographics, segmentation analysis applications available (such as data mining or promotes the advantages of these tariffs. and more), execute the predefined business logic and reporting tools) in order to take advantage of additional finally generate the Tariff Negotiation frame: this is a customer attributes and metadata. ‘safe’ space providing agents the flexibility to propose alternatives to customers according to corporate policies and business constraints. CAS
  20. 20. 19 Tariff development CAS supports the definition of candidate tariff models (either from scratch or as a variation of an existing- production model) and the repetitive execution against either virtual CDR packages or against any specific segment of customers found in the customer base. This functionality can significantly improve product development processes. In certain cases the system can reveal market opportunities for innovative models through systematic what-if analysis.Competition Analysis System
  21. 21. 20 Product Architecture CAS has been designed with a modular, component-based approach, in order to meet high performance, scalability and portability requirements. CAS.Studio follows the ‘smart client’ architecture which combines advantages such as full web connectivity and rich, windows graphical user interfaces. CAS.Advisor is packed as a web application available through intranet, for massive use through POS. CAS Rating and Billing engine provides outstanding flexibility and performance: sophisticated in-memory processing models enable interactive billing scenarios and tariff comparison data. CAS core Billing Engine components support: • Scaling on both period and within call aggregations • By-Reference tariff definition, version control, full tariff lifecycle tracking • Bundle packages in several units of measurement • Embedded random sampling algorithms enabling • Bundle carry-over and shared bundles full, random, ad-hoc or segment-driven billing • Dual billing alignment mode • The Chooser Concept, depicting the cheapest tariff (billing/calendar period arrangement) from a predefined set, for each customer, for every • Selected numbers concept, with automatic given month estimation of customer’s choices A subset of ‘CAS.WS – Communication layer’ is marked as public – available throughout the enterprise for custom application development. This provides a great flexibility in answering special application integration needs, client application development or support of quality assurance procedures. CAS ETL layer consists of a set of robust components capable of systematically gathering, loading and processing large volumes of customer related data. With the fully customizable ‘External Adaptor’, CAS can handle any input scenario (historical files, deltas, database integration, FTP-based file gathering) with embedded, advanced data validation logic. Specialized reporting and alerting components ensure sufficient administrative information flow. Integration components and specialized interfaces ensure effective communication with external systems (such as CRM, the Billing system or the data warehouse) either to collect information or to publish execution results. CAS
  22. 22. 21 CAS Studio CAS Advisor (R) CAS Advisor (P) Custom Apps CAS Presentation Tariff admin, Policies, Rating-Based Tariff Profile-based Tariff Mobile apps Reporting for experienced Advisor for existing advisor for existing or new Portal power users, Business customers. Based on customers (on computed/ My Account analysts, Product exact rating and billing declared traffic pattern) Intranet apps managers processing CAS WS Core Web services Public Web services CAS Core components Business Case Builder CAS Server Components Traffic Simulation Engine Analytics Studio Online Recommendation Discount Management SNA - Social Network Analysis CAS Connector CAS ETL Corporate Data sources External Adaptor CAS DB CAS Data Management Transformation Manager CAS.Synchro Core module Optional module External element CAS Adaptor CAS Staging DB Data
  23. 23. 22 “ A powerful platform providing ad-hoc and systematic billing execution: continuous evaluation of business scenarios on pricing policies and their impact to the ” customer base CAS
  24. 24. 23 Key Components CAS architecture enables a component-based synthesis of the solution matching your exact business needs. Flexible APIs and integration points ensure rapid deployment and further application development Market Manager Traffic Generator Import & Export Wizards One of the core modules, Market Manager provides The CDR generator wizard provides advanced Easy to use, wizard-like components for flexible data advanced functionality for creating, managing, simulation capabilities for generating packages of CDRs import or export (customers, segments, contracts, monitoring and analyzing markets. according to user-defined shape. The system allows traffic and more), featuring embedded random sampling naming, storing and administering the CDR set, as well tools for further managing volume of data to process. as analyzing its synthesis through specialized reports. Tariff Plan ‘Configurator’ This provides significant flexibility to the analyst by Sensitivity analysis, parameterization and making it possible to prepare certain sets of named benchmarking of tariff models, for testing and product and fully understandable CDR packages to be used as a Analyzer – Standard Reporting development purposes: provided a fixed, well defined, standard input for quick tariff assessment. Specialized, predefined reporting including powerful traffic data set, Tariff Plan ‘Configurator’ enables reports such as the ‘Market summary’ (a quick estimating the change in volume and revenue figures evaluation of all operators and tariff plans within the followed by a change in parameters of the tariff plan. selected market and based on the predefined traffic data Tariff Manager set), the ‘Tariff performance per segment’ (standardized Provides sophisticated tariff plan administration tools, Tariff analysis applied against specific, predefined Rating Engine including tariff loader, tariff builder, tariff validator, segments of customers) and the ‘Tariff transition CAS high-performance, in-memory Rating Engine specialized viewers and analyzers. It is based on impact’ (Transition matrix per segment of customers, supports both interactive and batch rating and billing. data-driven intelligent Graphical User Interfaces presenting the total cost (benefit) for the company This is a fully parameterized engine with several options enabling non-specialist to easily create and use (customer)). CAS provides standard export utilities (MS regarding I/O available to any valid tariff plan (actual or complex tariff plans (ensuring consistency through Office, PDF, XML) for all the reports. hypothetical one) against any traffic data set (actual or automatic, statistics-based user’s entry validation). simulated). Tariff workflow enforces certain business rules towards the release of a tariff to POS level. Provided an active subscription to datamine’s tariff provisioning service, CAS Tariff Connector enables online, systematic and unattended tariff database synchronization (through web connectivity).Competition Analysis System
  25. 25. 24 Segment Designer Segmentation scheme development, automatic profiling, export mechanisms featuring random sampling techniques Innovative tools for creating, maintaining and analyzing customer segments, policies (business rule packages) and decisioning configuration. Segment Designer makes segment-related processes efficient and more interactive. Simplifies the complexity of rule definition through a powerful graphical user interface offering instant generation of statistics and previews of customers-members of the segment, immediate segment profile analysis, along with user-defined random sampling on the resulting customer set. A new, marketing-friendly approach for the campaign target group definition process. CAS
  26. 26. 25 Discount Manager Offer personalized discounts, monitor and analyze impact CAS enables interactive discount scheme definition, analysis and management. Business users can create flexible discount schemes, evaluate costs and expected outcomes under certain hypotheses, and assign each scheme to a specific customer, group of customers, segment or tariff. Specialized performance assessment reports along with KPIs for analyzing the impact of discount models regarding customer base health, are embedded in this component. “ … loyalty and customer satisfaction through intelligent, highly ” personalized discount modelswww.datamine.grCompetition Analysis System
  27. 27. 26 Analytics Studio A sophisticated, interactive reporting environment featuring modern Business Intelligence tools Enables powerful, historical analysis of your customer base against any commercially available tariff offered in the market. Specialized metrics such as distance from the next or best eligible tariff for each specific subscriber enable definition of intelligent pricing & customer handling strategies. Advanced multidimensional reporting against tariff performance data - a sophisticated data analysis and presentation layer, offering access to cubes, dashboards and data mining modeling outcome. Advanced CDR modeling (featuring traffic patterns, price analytics) can be offered as additional, tailor-made packages, focusing in churn modeling/ prediction, campaign optimization, customer satisfaction and propensity to buy modeling. External Business Intelligence applications benefit through CAS.OLAP data objects. The integrated customer data marts and/or data warehouses can be systematically enriched with a new range of tariff performance metrics (tariff suitability, distance from optimal, usage patterns) as well as existing reporting, analysis, and decisioning processes. Senior business users can define new views or perspectives on the customer base related KPIs, introducing aspects such as price-sensitivity, price awareness, competitive ranking. CAS
  28. 28. 27 Social Network Customer Customer Analysis - SNA layer 001 002 Identify, visualize and use physical customer interconnections in your commercial strategies This advanced module consists of datamine’s Customer Customer 004 algorithms and data manipulation components 003 enabling the identification of structural patterns based Customer on the systematic communication among customers 005 – clusters of customers within the customer base (naturally defined based on interaction patterns). CAS SNA allows spotting customers with increased ‘network value’, identification of the network importance of each single customer, formulation of sub-networks, cliques based on usage patterns, Customer 011 estimation of the network impact of customer loss etc. Customer Important use cases of this advanced analytical 012 customer information can be designed in domains such as CRM, Anti-Attrition, Campaign management, customer base insight, Fraud detection, Bad debt management, product development. The output of SNA engine is directly available to CAS components, thus boosting customer analysis & handling capabilities Customer (for instance use Segment Designer for SNA-related 015 customer filtering and segment/policy definition). Customer Customer 014 016Competition Analysis System
  29. 29. 28 The Tariff Advisor Enable customer touch points with intelligent tariff recommendations Web enabled applications available through the • CAS Tariff Advisor (P) intranet for POS/ Agents, dealing with owned (existing) This is a variation of the above, differentiated on customers. This component serves agents with a the rating/ billing approach: this version performs tariff negotiation framework for existing customers an approximation of the billing outcome, based not according to active corporate policies. on CDRs but on subscriber’s traffic pattern. The • CAS Tariff Advisor (R) traffic pattern can be derived from actual CDRs This is a subset of CAS customer assessment (in the case of an existing customer) or submitted functionality, targeting a wider audience with less through the application (from the agent according experience in tariff modeling and related processes. to the information submitted from the prospect This utility hides process complexity, and presents in customer). This could also be integrated into the a user-friendly, direct and robust way all the web portal, for customer self-experimentation with necessary information on customer’s tariff suitability alternative tariffs. This is a highly customizable and related proposals as generated through the component. released business policies. This is a highly • Online Recommendation engine (web) customizable component. Advanced component enabling integration with corporate portal, under ‘myAccount’ section. CAS
  30. 30. 29 Simulation & What-If Define complex comparison scenarios, business cases and perform interactive sensitivity analysis through CAS Business Case Builder Wizard-like processes enable the definition of realistic business scenarios through a set of simple steps: • Define Customer Sets for analysis: Business users may define complex set of customers (including balanced random samples against existing segmentation schemes), save, share and administer groups for repeating analysis or reference/ baseline • Perform Customer Set Profiling through standardized analysis templates • Define assumptions to be used for analysis and impact estimation (such as transition rates towards certain tariffs, churn rates or expected traffic impact) • Define the output to be generated (selected metrics per customer/ tariff/ policy applied) • Analyze or export customer-level comparison results for further external processing • Schedule execution of certain analysis packs as repeating tasks and receive notification when completed Traffic Simulation Engine enables compilation of user-shaped sets of artificial CDRs, following customizable patterns. Advanced tools enable sensitivity analysis against tariff configuration scenarios, impact estimations in terms of revenue, churn and other predefined key performance indicators.www.datamine.grCompetition Analysis System
  31. 31. 30 “ … predictive models, sophisticated statistical and data mining services, generating business knowledge and ” actionable results CAS
  32. 32. 31 Analytics & Modeling Services Data modeling, data analysis, data mining services Extending CAS through additional analytical /modeling services. The typical output provided by CAS may be used for enriching processes such as data mining model development, analytical reporting, statistical analysis or any other data-intensive activity. Specifically for churn prediction and analysis, CAS metrics such as ‘distance from optimum tariff’ or ‘positioning from competitor’ are expected to create significant difference as independent variables in any well-defined model on churn. Advanced business intelligence services Specialized data integration, reporting or Business Intelligence components are offered as packages of customization/ extension services. Our domain experts collect analyze and model your business requirements leading to specialized component customization or development of your own instance. Tariff provisioning services This is a subscription service, based on automatic market monitoring - public domain information. CAS agents collect, standardize, validate market and tariff information, which is then instantly available to the subscribed CAS instance.Competition Analysis System
  33. 33. 32 About datamine Founded in January 2005, ‘datamine decision support systems ltd’ specializes in information technologies utilizing analytical components and data-intensive models. Datamine’s expertise supports the full cycle of data-demanding projects, from data analysis and quality assurance to Business Intelligence and Management Information Systems. Datamine demonstrates numerous success stories featuring innovative analytical solutions for the Banking and Telecom sectors. Datamine is based in Athens, Greece. “ … we are committed in designing intelligent software dealing with challenging business scenarios. We use advanced information technologies to deliver innovative solutions to enterprise decision ” makers and strategists. CAS is a characteristic product of this corporate culture … George Krasadakis, Head of engineering and product development CAS
  34. 34. 33 www.datamine.grCompetition Analysis System
  35. 35. Unless you are licensed by DATAMINE under a specific licensing agreement, use of DATAMINE logos such as the DATAMINE corporate logo is not allowed.DATAMINE, DATAMINE.IT, DATAMINE information technologies & USE.YOUR.DATA are registered trademarks or trademarks of DATAMINE in the EU and/or other countries.It is not allowed to use or register, in whole or in part, DATAMINE trademarks, including its graphic symbols, logos, icons, or an alteration or variation thereof, as or as part of acompany name, trade name, product name, service name or domain name or in connection with web sites, products, services, programs, on packaging, manuals, promotional/advertising materials, or for any other purpose except pursuant to an express written trademark license from DATAMINE, such as a reseller agreement. Only DATAMINE and itsauthorized resellers and licensees may use the DATAMINE Logos in advertising, promotional, and sales materials and only as specified in their agreement.Use of DATAMINE trademarks in a disparaging manner or in any manner that directly or indirectly expresses or implies DATAMINE sponsorship, affiliation, certification,approval, or endorsement in relation to third-party product or service or in such a manner that it appears that DATAMINE is legally associated with a third-party company isexpressly prohibited. datamine ltd, Decision support systems Tel: 0030 210 6899960, Fax: 0030 210 6899968 22 Ethnikis Antistasis avenue, Email: 15232 Chalandri, Athens, Greece