2011 Fruit-N-Ice Product and Equipment Catalog


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2011 Fruit-N-Ice Product and Equipment Catalog

  1. 1. Fruit-n-Ice is a product of Kanawati Enterprises; a family owned and operated business that was founded in 1996 as a distributor for frozen drink machines. We tried various mixes to distribute along with our equipment but we were very disappointed by the taste and the quality. In 2000 we decided to make our own brand of frozen drink mix which was made with real fruit and had a taste that was second to none; that is when Fruit-n-Ice was born. Through the years we have added many flavors and different product lines, but the one thing that has remained consistent is the quality that Fruit- n-Ice has become known for. Today our Fruit-n-Ice product line includes granita mix, blender mix, 100% granita mix, juice concentrates, flavoring syrups and more. Here at Fruit-n-Ice we have thrived on our impeccable customer service, our ever improving product line and our willingness to assist clients in customizing their own product line to offer to their hard to satisfy customers.FLAVORS
  2. 2. Granita Mix All of our Fruit-n-Ice granita mixes aremanufactured using the highest qualityingredients available on the market and havea fresh fruity taste with the aromatic smellof freshly picked fruit. Taste the differenceof our Real Fruit granita. Unlike most ofour competitors, Fruit-n-Ice contains a highpercentage of real fruit puree and/or juiceconcentrates. Fruit-n-Ice granita mix is a shelf stableproduct bottled in clear plastic ½ galcontainers with an easy grip neck. It does notrequire being frozen or refrigerated and hasan average shelf life of 12 months which canbe prolonged if stored in a cool dry place.We offer 18 addictive flavors which will keepyour customers coming back for more. Fruit-n-Ice can be mixed using a blender or in oneof our fine frozen drink machines and may bemixed with alcohol.Product Highlights:Product Specification:
  3. 3. Blender Mix Fruit-n-Ice offers a delicious shelf stable blender mix wh is formulated with the highest lf stable blender mix which tabl lend r ix ble nderquality ingredients to deliver a great tasting product and enhanced blending characteristics.Fruit-n-Ice Blender Mixes are made with real fruit puree and/or juice concentrates to offer amore natural, fresh tasting frozen fruit drink. Fruit-n-Ice Blender Mix has many uses. Whether you are creating a fruit smoothie, frozencocktails in a blender or batch machine, or even in a cocktail shaker to make drinks “on theRocks”, with Fruit-n-Ice the possibilities are endless. Fruit-n-Ice Blender mix can also be usedto flavor yogurt, gelato and ice cream as well as other dessert applications. FLAVORS
  4. 4. Product Highlights: Product Specification:
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  6. 6. Product Features:
  7. 7. Frosty Factory produces one of the most comprehensive lines of frozen beverage equipment available on the market today. All units are quality constructed for years A o of dependable and profitable service. From the inception, Frosty Factory equipment has the always been user-friendly. Features such as the alwa alway alway alway wa w stand-by s stand by switch enhance the equipment’s ease of stand by ta and aoperation by allowing the mix to remain refrigerated inthe machine over-night. Handles installed on the sideof the units provide ease of movement for equipmentused in rental and catering applications. A variety ofmodels fit any owner’s requirements. Small footprint,high production, and remote refrigeration are just afew of the options lending to today’s market needs.
  9. 9. Joytec SB-7X Ice Shaver BlenderEye Catching Motion withLargest Ice CapacityThe Quietest Commercial Ice Shaver Blender on the Market
  10. 10. MMB 142 BB185
  11. 11. Through its experience and technical expertise, Corimell has become aworld leader in the manufacturing of commercial drink dispensers and otherrefrigerated equipment. The Jetcof line is Cofrimell’s most popular line availablein 1-4 bowl models with a 5 gallon capacity each and also available in jet sprayor paddle models.
  12. 12. www.fruit-n-ice.comDISTRIBUTED BY:94 Rai road Avenue 4 Railroad Avenue ail o ai ro n eH kHackensack, NJ 07601 k 07601 6www.kebeverage.com1.866.265.9569