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Help us to Build home for an Orphan


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we are constructing New Orphan home for our charity Children so that we are Collecting Donations for this project purpose.

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Help us to Build home for an Orphan

  1. 1. This Requesting post from St, Peters Home for Children to Obtain Donations and Funds. What is all about Orphan children Not every child has a Loving family. Not every child is prepared for life by parents, Not every child get’s the individual attention they Need, Not every child has their talents explored, Not every child is taught how to discover and enjoy their life, Not every child learns how to develop in to mature adults, Not every child allowed to enjoy the culture of their own family and their country, Lack of proper infrastructure. Lack of proper guidance from their elders Lack of competitive environment. High teacher student ratio. Declining level of commitment amongst the teacher. Lack of stringent mechanisms to make hold of the educational committee of the village accountable for the growth of the children. Children being seen as a source of economic income. Our mission view and project supports A child to Love and be loved by us, A future to look forward too, A past things to explored and embrace, A culture instead of an institution, We provide all their essential Needs, Like, shelter, Food, health care , Cloths, Education, Gospel and all Basic skilled trainings, A place in society . Our vision is to foster a society in which every child from the school will become a Universal man with no bias towards any particular creed but for only the ultimate truth. To equip him with a strong mind to deal with the gales of disturbing thoughts, a strong intellect to face the critical challenges of life, a strong conviction to conquer the world by his selfless love and a strong bondage with the every being in the nature to spread the harmony Project summary Need home for Orphan
  2. 2. This post from St, peters home for children mission. we have orphan and destitute children in our home. we provide food and shelter and all their basic needs. so far this home is Running in the rented building, as a contract , Due to heavy rent high we are not able to continue the contract, such a case our organization has unable to accommodate the children in a proper place, our organization is struggling to provide a proper accommodation for these children, so our organization committee has plan to purchase a new land and construct a new building for the children's. Since the project is capital intensive it is proposed to implement the project in our place, our organization committee direction we have already purchased the required land and start the construction work, with the help of local supporters and obtain some Loan from Banks . At present we are not able to re-pay the Loan amount and also we are not able to continue the building works, all the works stopped half way through, Because Due to heavy financial struggling. So in this situation our Committee has plan and permit to Collect donations and funds from out side, and display our Orphan campaign with social medias, We request you to support us in endeavor to construct a residential facility for orphan home for providing all their essential Needs, Like, shelter, Food, health care , Cloths, Education, Gospel and all Basic skilled trainings. To them along with under privileged children in the vicinity. We would be glad if you could consider our financial struggling position and give your funding supports ( Or ) Donation support to re-start our building works we would be highly appreciated your supports. Why we are Raising money Our campaign post cause is constructing new orphan home. Why We are raising money ? to complete the construction work. Our service benefiting children"s are destitute and Orphan, tribal children. Our main request is to raise fund to complete the Building works, Land purchasing and construction cost : $75000. Expecting to reach donation goal : $ 50000. your little Donations can Bring unlimited happiness and huge difference in many Orphan's Lives, Thousand miles of journey is begins with single step.