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An Introduction to the Google App Engine


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An Introduction to the Google App Engine

  1. 1. Google Technology User Group #4 An Introduction to the Google App Engine by George Holler 17 November 2010
  2. 2. The Google App Engine ScalableScalable CostCost PlatformPlatform For building web apps in the cloud Automatic scaling and load balancing Pay for what is used, with limits you set CodeCode In Python or Java SDKSDK Local development environment APIsAPIs Google APIs for web programming
  3. 3. Architecture
  4. 4. Sandbox – What you can do
  5. 5. Sandbox – What you can't do
  6. 6. APIs... Datastore API Interface to save and retrieve data Memcache API High performance in-memory key-value cache Mail API Send and receive emails URL Fetch API Access web resources Users API Interface with Google Accounts Images API Interface to manipulate images (jpg, png) Blobstore API Interface for saving large binary data XMPP API Interface for Instant Messaging Task Queue API Interface to enqueue tasks for app (exp) Namespaces API Multitenancy OAuth API Third party authentication (exp) Mapper API For MapReduce (exp)
  7. 7. Java API mapping
  8. 8. Google Datastore
  9. 9. Google Datastore
  10. 10. Google Datastore APIs
  11. 11. Google App Engine Dashboard
  12. 12. Google App Engine Dashboard
  13. 13. System Status
  14. 14. App Engine Hard Limits Apps per developer 10 Time per request 30 sec Blobstore size (Total file size per app) 2GB HTTP request size 10 MB HTTP response size 10 MB Datastore item size 1 MB Number of files (app and static files) 3000 Size of any static or app file 10 MB Application code size 150 MB Number of values in an index for an entity 5000 Number of entities returned in a query at a time 1000 Number of entities in a batch put or delete 500
  15. 15. App Engine Tools
  16. 16. Resources GAE Dashboard: GAE Docs: System Status: My Blog: My Email: georgeholler @
  17. 17. ood Bye!