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  1. 1. FREE ISSUECHINA’S LINK TOSUCCESSHow does China implement European HR techniques?Erica Terpstra - Passionate, Flamboyant, Multi-talented
  2. 2. 2 3 Helpful Honorary Heavenly Index In Short Erica Terpstra How To Love A Beer Holland Heineken House 5 After the great success of the Turin Winter Beer can definitely be part of a healthy Olympics the Holland Heineken House A portrait about the chairwoman of the NOC*NSF, a cornerstone of life style. This is the case today as has reopened its doors for the Games Dutch culture. This inluential woman shares her views on life, sports and people all over the world enjoy a vast in Beijing. Thousands of people come the Beijing Olympics. variety of beers. Beer is part of culture to the HHH including sport personalities, and should be consumed properly. enthusiasts, journalists and business All companies supplying beer need people. It is a place of cheer and to be aware that Corporate Social reflection yet also for people from across Responsibility (CSR) needs to be 16The HR Challenge the world to establish connections. implemented to assure the proper use of alcohol. New HR techniques imported from Europe to Heineken is the leader when it comes National Agricultural Exhibition Center China - solving an ongoing issue that challenges to taking action to prevent alcohol an entire workfoce. abuse. Heineken uses online media to The National Agricultural Exhibition involve consumers and educate them Centre, location of the HHH, is one of on responsible drinking. In addition, the four largest exhibition centres in 19 they strive to make responsible Beijing and has been used for over Hot Shots consumption more concrete and 300 events. The incredible building visible than ever before. This involves has the capacity of six football fields for example working with governments - and that’s only show floor. This space to promote responsible drinking. will be the playing field for cultural Olympiads you need to know. All eyes will be on these and business exchange between the national heroes, who will be going for nothing but gold. Netherlands and the world. Live the Heineken way Live the Heineken Way 2 Heineken World Update 8 Passion For Quality - Clear Skies Streets of Holland 10 For the last decades, Beijing summers The city of Beijing has started a were typically very hot and humid program to tackle this dire situation. A Cultural Beer Brew 12 while wind was almost non-existent. Measures have been taken to lower The surrounding bowl-shaped area the emissions of the millions of vehicles Business Role Models 14 made the situation worse since it is of the city. Their immense contribution very hard for pollution to escape the to the poor air quality is reduced city. Rapid industrial development by improved fuel quality. The large EDITOR’S NOTE If you simply like an upgrade on the Olympic had lead to a very dry and unhealthy environment in Beijing. By 2001, the polluting factories around the city have been moved to less populated favourites or some background information about air quality was almost three times as areas and big investments have This magazine has been created by a group of seven the architects that created The Nest; it’s all here. bad as the maximum level pollution been made in public transport. These International Communications and Media (ICM) the WHO prescribes. Something had measures have already lowered students from the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. To introduce one of the articles: on page 3 you can read to be done to create an atmosphere emissions and lead to cleaner air how Heineken applies its 3 values to daily life situations. where the Olympic athletes could during the Summer Olympics. We have a lot to offer you; whether you are interested safely practise their sports. in the Dutch - Chinese culture and relationships, the We wish you a nice stay at the Holland Heineken NOC*NSF, the latest business developments; TRIPLE H has it. House and hope you will enjoy reading this magazine.Triple H - August 2008 q w e r t y u i o p l j h g f d s a z x c v b n m
  3. 3. 4 5 Helpful Honorary Heavenly Portrait Respect - Torch for Tribute E riCa T erpstra On March the 24th, at the birthplace of the world, the Mount Everest. When the the Olympics in Greece, the Olympic torch arrived back in China the tour torch started its relay around the world. was abruptly interrupted on May 12 by The “Journey of Harmony” is 137.000 ki- the horrendous Great Sichuan earth- lometres long, includes 6 continents, 40 quake causing over 80.000 casualties. countries and more than 20.000 carriers. Out of respect for the victims the relay After it was lit in Greece the flame went began with a moment of silence and over to Beijing to start its journey past a donation relief on May 14. The relay the old silk route. This paid respect to the was suspended for a couple of days ancient relations China had with its sur- and continued afterwards to finally lit rounding regions for millennia. After a tour the Olympic flame in Beijing. through Europe and the United States the flame even made its way up to the roof of As a swimmer Erica Terpstra won Enjoyment - A Giant Leap 2 medals at the With almost half of the into a long run, plant one Netherlands below sea level, end of the poll in the middle Olympics of 1960 the Dutch always had to of the water and hold on to fight against the water trying to reclaim the land. Most the other end. The leveraging effect will get them easily to and 1964. These of the country is divided in the other side without even small islands by an elaborate touching the water. Over days Ms. Terpstra system of narrow waterways. the years, the necessity for For over a thousand years Fierljeppen decreased and it is chairwoman Dutch farmers have been evolved into a sport enjoyed using an ingenious way to by a lot of Dutch farmers. The of the Dutch deal with all these obstacles sport is starting to get some on their farmland. followers in the United States and Japan and some people Olympic Fierljeppen, literally far- are trying to turn it into an leaping, is a technique Olympic sport. Committee. to jump over these small waterways using a 8 to 10 metre long pole. When faced with a ditch, the farmers brakeTriple H - August 2008 q w e r t y u i o p l j h g f d s a z x c v b n m
  4. 4. 6 7 Helpful Honorary Heavenly“ THE NOC*NSF I don’t know anybody who lives followed by a small career to take a clear statement. At a so intensively, she always seems in sports-journalism. Her sports ministers conference in to be full of energy. Never have life changed when in 1977 Slovenia, March 17th, she wasI seen her in a bad mood and she she became a member of asked about her opinion: “To bur- The NOC*NSF is the umbrella sportstells me all the time how happy she the House of Commons for den sports with this is the wrong organization of the Netherlandsis”, says Ms. Ada Kok, close friend the liberal party VVD, only way. It really has to be for the and was founded in 1993 after aand former swim colleague about Ms. to leave at 2003 as one of politicians. And I have another merge of NOC and NSF. NinetyTerpstra. This energy became Ms. the most popular politi- concern: Keep your hands off my Dutch National sports associationsTerpstra’s trademark when she start- cians ever. athletes!” Ms. Terpstra was highly are attached to the NOC*NSF,ed her swim career in the early six- respected among athletes for tak-ties at the club HZ&PZ, the Hague. MOTHER OF ALL BUDDHISM ing this position. ENERGY OUT OF HAPPINESS which is the Dutch representativeShe was fast, very fast, and with her ATHLETES Due to her deep interest in Sinology, The answer, according to Ms. de at the International Olympicambitious attitude Ms. Terpstra went Ms. Terpstra found herself back in Ms. Terpstra was highly impressed by Koning, lies in her youth. As a Committee (IOC). The NOC*NSFto the Olympics of 1960 in Rome. Four sports as she got elected as chairwom- Buddhism. She started to appreciate KEEPING UP young girl, little Erica went to her sets the main requirements ayears later, at the Olympics of Tokyo, an of the NOC*NSF, which is her cur- and study this way of life and became It seems like the NOC*NSF chair- father and asked “I am so happy, Dutch athlete must fulfill in order toshe took a bronze and silver medal rent position. She profiled herself as very well acquainted with all aspects. woman has a never-ending source what should I do?” Her father said participate at the Olympic Games.back to the Netherlands. the always-enthusiastic and motivat- However, she does not want to be of energy to stay motivated and that she would be successful if she ing ‘mother ’ of all athletes. Present called a Buddhist: “I am an everlasting fulfil all aspects of her time-con- shares that happiness with people The Committee, with EricaSTUDIES AND CAREER at all major events, cheering, scream- student of the principals.” Friend Ada suming function. However, friend around her. And that is exactly Terpstra at the top, strives for theMs. Terpstra started a study in Sinol- ing and encouraging. Most people de- Kok thinks the fascination originates Margriet de Koning is sometimes what Ms. Terpstra still does; sheogy in this period and although her scribe her as flamboyant, spontaneous from her parents, Ms. Terpstra herself afraid of the consequences of Ms. gets energy out of happiness, and promotion and improvement ofpassion for Chinese culture and lan- and friendly. As close friend Margriet says it comes from a former life, as Terpstra’s extremely busy life. One shares it with everybody around (top-) sports in the Netherlands. Itguage never vanished, she did not de Koning says, also playfully refer- she believes in reincarnation might wonder where the energy her. This motivates her and keeps has a strong position throughoutgraduate due to a busy time with ring to Ms. Terpstra’s posture: “From and motivation comes from. How her going for many years to come. the entire Dutch society, fromsports, her husband and children. Af- the very moment the Olympics start, BOYCOTT can a single person represent an So, next time you watch a game in the fields of amateur footballter the early sixties Ms. Terpstra left you will see a huge, screaming orange While more and more countries de- entire country? How does she in- Beijing, look up to see that ‘orange players to the influential positionsthe world of athletes and became a spot at the stands.” bated the possibility of a boycott, Ms. spire so many people by just talk- spot’ doing what she does best: her in politics. Before the start of everyDutch teacher for Chinese students, Terpstra was one of the few thatdared ing to them? work. Olympics, all the Dutch Olympic athletes switch from their own sports association to the NOC*NSF. Triple H - August 2008 q w e r t y u i o p l j h g f d s a z x c v b n m
  5. 5. 8 9 Helpful Honorary Heavenly Global Overview New York, USA. In May of this year Amstel Light, Sao Paulo, Brazil. one of the most popular imported beer from In February, Heineken went on a tour through Latin America showcasing the famous Champi- Holland, launched an ons League Trophy. The Tour starts in Sao Paulo and finishes in Mexico City in April. As both the advertising campaign Champions League and Heineken beer is increasing in popularity, Heineken is using the tour that drew a lot of at- as an opportunity to stimulate brand awareness and its communications. Thousands of people tention. The ad was travel to see the trophy as it is escorted through the streets. supposed to convey emotions related to Amsterdam hence the slogan “One Dam Good Beer.” Heineken, owner of Amstel, wants to Johannesburg, communicate the free-nature of the South Africa. Amsterdam culture which resides in To challenge SABMiller’s dominance Heineken will the beer that they team up with the owners of Guinness, Diageo PLC. The brew. joint venture is going to build a brewery on the outskirts A closer look at some of Heineken’s recent world-wide operations of Johannesburg. Tom de Man, Heinekens regional president of Africa and the Middle East said: “With Africa now Heineken’s fastest growing region and theCardiff, Wales. Heineken brand growing 70 percent in South Africa, Heineken World Update there is no better time to invest in growth.”75,000 people cheered for their favorite team atthe Millennium Stadium in June as the best Rugbyteams in Europe went to battle. The HeinekenCup is Rugby’s Champions League and is themost important Rugby title in Europe. This year theHeineken Cup was lifted by the Irish team Mun-ster, the runners-up were Toulouse from France. It Maharashtra, Guangzhou, China. was a clash of the titans yet the Irish Auckland, New Zealand. India. Heineken BV and AP Breweries have decided to expand its business proved in China by constructing a new to be the In January this year history was writ- Tiger beer is well known beer in Asia Pacific brewery in the Guangzhou. This stronger ten when the first German won the with distribution in over 60 countries. Tiger move will strengthen brands such team Heineken Tennis Open in Auckland. will now also be brewed in India. APBAL as Heineken and Tiger especially beating Philipp Kohlschreiber fought through Breweries have taken on the responsibility in the Jiangsu, Shanghai and Toulouse and won by 7-6, 7-5 over Juan to maintain quality and reputation. Present Hainen markets. The investment with Carlos Ferrero. The former number Dutch brewing experts are momentarily will cost an estimated 82 mil- 16 – 13. one Juan Carlos Ferrero could not keeping an eye on operations and have lion US dollars - not much when persist as Kohlschreiber never gave already implemented over 200 quality considering China’s future up and just had the upper hand. checks for the process. Tiger beer has shot potential. The brewery will be up in popularity amongst locals. completed in 2009. Triple H - August 2008 q w e r t y u i o p l j h g f d s a z x c v b n m
  6. 6. 10 11 Helpful Honorary Heavenly Streets of Holland Before Big Games The Dutch show their support for sports even on their bicyclesTriple H - August 2008 q w e r t y u i o p l j h g f d s a z x c v b n m
  7. 7. 12 13 Helpful Honorary Heavenly Culture A Cultural Beer BrewThe Netherlands and China conquering of an oblivious Wu Kingdom. GLOBAL BRAND FOUNDATIONShave vastly different cultures Yet this happened in the year 221 AC, In the Netherlands, beer became popular HOW DO THEY DO IT?including the way they enjoy however, the last two centuries were in the 1300’s mostly due to partnerships The role that beer plays in actually responsible for industrialized with barley farmers in Germany andbeer. There is though an both Dutch and Chinese brewing techniques. In 1903, an Anglo- also because it was safer to drink thaninteresting similarity involving German settlement wanted to produce a water. During the Dutch trading golden culture lies at oppositebillions of dollars. lager suited for expatriates and soldiers, era, micro-brewing gained popularity integral part of Dutch culture and poles. The Dutch drink beer later this brewery would supply beer for as merchants, sailors and traders were the second being that the Nether- in small glasses on a very three wars, it will be owned by four coun- stationed at central areas like harbors. lands has inherited massive global social level and seek tasteBEER WINS ANCIENT BATTLES tries and today it would be China’s num- Later in the early 1800’s larger brewer- brewing companies. Composer Frank superiority. Drinking beerThe infamous general Zhang Fei once ber-one local brew: Tsingtao. So beer has ies such as Heineken started to expand Zappa once said “You can’t be a real in China is also seen as so-wrote how he tricked his enemy in mak- tingled the taste-buds of Chinese people business to different ports like the port country unless you have a beer and cial yet their satisfaction is createding their commander believe his infan- for millennia, although branded beers of Rotterdam. Since then two patterns an airline. …at the very least you through the context not the liquid.try to be drunk in battle, resulting in the have only recently become popular. developed: one that beer has become an need a beer.” That’s why in the Netherlands one finds not only specialized beer bars but you will also discover that most If beer flowed like a river how would these cultures swim to the other side? bars only have beer and wine as a choice. Here the beer is paramount and result is social enjoyment. The Chinese would rather drink beer much slower and over longer periods like an extensive dinner. The notori- ous Chinese mao-tai is preferred as the catalyst when wanting to stim- ulate dialogue and increase social A WIN-WIN SITUATION pleasure; this is for instance seen With the ever increasing purchas- at business gatherings or karaoke ing power, the Chinese will be able excursions. Interestingly, in China, to spend more on foreign brands in- imported beer is seen as the best cluding beer. The Chinese are not whereas in the Netherlands smaller just spending more on beer but also breweries are respected for taste. consume more. In essence, capital- ism is enticing demand for beer and ...AND THE DUTCH? with each new brand the Chinese get The Dutch love to sit outside a ca- thirstier for a foreign taste, yet their fé’s terrace - opposite a waterway - way they consume beer won’t change enjoying the seldom seen sun. The over night. The Dutch think of beer notion of hanging out in bars and as part of society where the Chi- drinking amid loud music exist only nese see beer as a social instrument. in the most commercialized areas Many things will change for China in of large Chinese cities. A group of the future, including their beer cul- Chinese friends would rather drink ture, and if the Dutch continue their some beers during a conversational prominence in global beer supply evening dinner, thereafter wine and you might just hear “biertje” echoing spirits are brought to hand. from the back of a bar in Beijing. Triple H - August 2008 q w e r t y u i o p l j h g f d s a z x c v b n m
  8. 8. 14 15 Helpful Honorary Heavenly BusinessOld Partners - New Fronteirs “China offers enormous growth potential” - Dr. Martin BrudermüllerMassive containerships roaming theseas of China are a clear sign of The postdoctoral chemist Martin Brudermüller works for BASF, the leadingits booming ecomomy. More and chemical company in the world. He started his career in 1988 working himself up to become member of the Board of Executive Directors in 2006.more of these big boats sail off to He leads operations in the Asian market, which in 2010 shall represent 10the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This percent of its global sales and earnings. Mr. Brudermüller states that BASF “istrading relationship is not a recent convinced that China offers enormous growth potential”. Maybe thereforedevelopment though. It has been he travels 2/3 of his time, his working field reaching from India to South Koreagrowing for over 300 years. and from China to New Zealand. The formation of a small fort onTaiwan in 1624 launched a fragile traderelationship between the two countries. arable crop will be necessary. That relates produced with a fraction of land, water IT’S ALREADY OPERATINGChinese silk, popular in Holland, was to a size of Brazil; farmland that is not and energy usage of regular arable crop This still ripening technology has howevertraded in large quantities. This period available on Earth. In contrary, in China land. Transportation costs are reduced already entered the market. Due to theended very sudden in 1662 when a land erosion is strongly increasing. due to being close to the local markets. In- cooperation between Dutch and Chinesegigantic 25.000 men strong Chinese cluding even animals, such systems could companies this greenhouse technologyarmy forced the 2000 Dutch settlers to become self-sustaining and independent. might solve a fundamental problem for DUTCH INGENUITY the Chinese and the entire world society.leave the island. Scientists and farmers from the Nether- land developed a system which has many It took till 1728 for the Dutch traders advantages towards traditional farming:to set foot on Chinese soil again.The city council of Canton, currently Business the way it should beGuangzhou, granted European tradersa thirteen quarters on a tiny island totrade tea and porcelain. These foreignerquarters, called Hongs, were thebasis for present-day Hong Kong. The Cstruggles between China and England Greenhousing in urban areas. Currently, hina is changing. Whether the country is unique in its kind, inended the frail trade relationship in the it concerns the increased terms of sciences, economy or envi- the Dutchmen in cooperation with Ameri-1850’s. Trade between Holland and amount of needed energy, the ronmental protection China needs to cans are therefore working in ShanghaiChina was virtually impossible for over growing middle class population or adjust. Therefore foreign investors and Beijing to construct the Greenhouses.a century. the upward usage of transportation, are gladly seen: they bring new ideas Due to a sophisticated in-house agricul- all these and many other sectors are and thus help China to enter a new tural system farmers are anyway already The trade was finally re-established currently under strong development. era. able to strongly increase the per m2 pro-in the 1970’s and increased ever since. They all put the far-east country in duction of vegetables. Instead of the regu- front of a big challenge. The Sum- lar 2-3 kg harvest these closed systems al-Chinese clothing and computer parts mer Olympics in Beijing in 2008 pose THE ROLE MODELare traded for Dutch livestock and low up to 17 kg per square meter, feeding One of the inevitable problems China only one example of how serious the way more people than Nowadays, China is the second will have to overcome is the nour- Chinese are taking this progress. Itbiggest exporter to the Netherlands. ishment of currently growing mid- is a product of their fast economicHolland and the People’s Republic of growth. dle class population. An average city CITY GREENHOUSEChina have a very strong relationship these days needs an arable crop land The ecological plan foresees 5 story high of ten times its own size. By the year buildings where fast growing plants suchthat will surely keep on growing overthe upcoming years. A NEW ERA 2035, 70% of the population of China as salads and herbs and sensitive plants In comparison to Western countries will live in cities (in December 2006 such as berries and tomatoes could be China only recently started develop- it was 44%), which results in ever cultivated. Dutch scientists say that the Urban Greenhouse ing and researching new technolo- growing farmland. By the year 2050 bigger these greenhouses get the more ef- gies. Even though the history of one billion hectare additional land of ficient they become. Economic plants areTriple H - August 2008 q w e r t y u i o p l j h g f d s a z x c v b n m
  9. 9. 16 17 Helpful Honorary Heavenly Jean-François van Boxmeer: Architects Jacques Herzog & Pierre de Meuron 007 of Beer Brands Both Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron took the step to the Asian world. Having accom- plished numerous projects in Europe and America they won the public voting in 2002 for the This CEO claims that the one thing he National Stadium of the Summer Olympics in Beijing 2008. The result is the Nest as the Chinese loves is to relax at home with a cold call it, according to Jacques Herzog “maybe the most important construction of our career”. lager and watch a James Bond movie. The Stadium mixes both Chinese and European culture and stands for security and home on Van Boxmeer is a man with a mission, the Chinese site and a pot which embraces the audience on the architecture’s site. as he wants to reposition the Heineken brand world wide. “At the turn of the 20th century, it was a competitive advantage to have the right brewer. Now everybody can make a decent beer. At Heineken we have our own yeast that grows in our own labs. We still pay tremendous attention to making the product as good as we can and we still do a lot of research and development to make shelf life CHINA: TACKLING THE HR CHALLENGE better and to make other marginal im- provements. However, because these technologies are readily available, the battle is now about what the brand represents.”In a country where the economy is WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? iceberg, and employees’ aspirations are will not only retain people but also develop andrising as fast as China’s, one would This situation led to a staffing shortage that changing. Nowadays, paying more is no nurture their individual effort. Similarly, manyimagine changes in demand for the is indeed so severe that some industries longer a means of retaining people. Many employees won’t leave a good company wheretype of workforce. These changes could hire each qualified candidate for young executives would rather give up they know they are well cared for. A companylead to an alarming situation in China several available jobs. For companies a well-paid job requiring them to work that shows its values to his employees and re-as the country had grown so fast, it willing to hire, there is sometimes nothing on weekends and holidays for a more gards them on an individual level will be seenovertook the development of Human to do but getting into contact with overseas “human” organization, stressing work- as a good employer. A key practice in retainingResources. Chinese or expatriates. Furthermore, family life balance. So as to keep young talents would be to provide professionals with with the Chinese educational system talents, firms should focus on translating health insurance. In other words, companies emphasizing technical skills, only 10 their business strategies into people should ensure that their reward programs en-THE CHALLENGE percent of up to 4 million new university strategies, by creating motivating jobs, courage the type of employee performance that45 thousand wholly foreign owned graduates have managerial or business allowing job enlargement, job enrichment, will contribute to develop their business. enterprises (WFOEs) settled in knowledge. Given the current market, plus skill and task variety. In such a fast China in 2005. Yet, in spite of the human resource practitioners in modern growing market, firms should think about A LESSON TO BE LEARNEDmassive size of the country’s workforce and China have become much more involved building, and not only buying a competitive The human resource dilemma in China raisedthe growing numbers of young graduates in companies’ top management levels. As workforce. A workforce that would evolve concerns even amongst the departments of theavailable on the market, the demand for a result, as urgent as these issues are, accordingly with its environment, leading Beijing municipal government, that has drawnqualified professionals has skyrocketed human resource management requires to both individual and organizational high- up a plan to ensure sufficient and competentand can hardly be met. Thus, today, one innovative thinking and creative solutions performance work practices. staff will be found for the Olympic Games,of the main concerns for HR professionals to tackle the challenge efficiently. taking advantage of the XXIX Olympiad toremains to recruit and retain talented create a pool of talent for the city’s future.employees. This succinctly summarizes KEEP RUNNINGthe human resource dilemma that China is THINK FURTHER Initiatives such as offering employees acurrently facing. Yet, recruiting is only the tip of the HR dynamic career path or rewards programs Triple H - August 2008 q w e r t y u i o p l j h g f d s a z x c v b n m
  10. 10. 18 19 Helpful Honorary Sports Heavenly Liu Xiang was the first athlete to achieve Chen Zhong the “triple crown” of athletics in the history of China. At the Super Grand Prix in Lausanne on July 2006, Liu set a new world record in the 110-metre Chen Zhong fights in the 72 kilo category and has claimed two hurdles, with a time of 12.88 seconds. Olympics Gold medals. Previously a basketball player, Zhong switched On this day the spectating crowd went to Taekwondo in 1995. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, she kicked out wild and so did the Chinese people – a Li Xiaopeng four opponents in one morning, and took Chinas first Olympic gold star was born. This brilliant athlete has medal in Taekwondo. After her victory at the National Championship won 11 World her vision of gold at the Beijing Olympics became evident. Although Titles so far and she claims to be an introvert outside the ring, her opponents still fear will come to the her every move. The most successful gymnast in China would have to be Li Olympics to get Xiaopeng. He has won 15 world titles including two gold medals some more. in Sydney and 2 at the World Cup. Li started at the age of six,The Hot his parents motivated and trained him, not knowing that at the Liu Xiang Lausanne World Championships in 1997, he would become China’s youngest champion; he was only 16. At the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Li Xiaopeng could only achieve bronze yet claims he will bring back at least two gold medals on home soil.ShotS Olympiads that guarantee action. Both China and the Netherlands expect gold from these renowned athletes... Otherwise known as ‘The Flying Dutchman’ or ‘Hoogie’ this Originally born in China, legendary athlete maneuvers his 6 .4 foot body in water her early years were like a true dolphin. Pieter van den Hoogenband first got spend in playing noticed during the European junior competition. At age with friends and 18 PVDH blew everyone away in Atlanta where he man- competing on rec- aged to get fourth place. The highlight of the Dutch swim- reational level. mer was in 2000, during the games of Sydney. On the 100 Since her national At age 35, Mark Huizinga had won two World titles, five European titles, numerous Dutch champion- and 200 meter freestyle Pieter won both transfer, she be- ships and three Olympic medals. Also being an officer for the Royal Dutch Air force he combines his a gold medal and established two World Li Jiao love for sports as a judoka which he started at the age of four. He made an astonishing debut in 1996 came the first Dutch Records. Finally after eight years, Van den champ since 1992, were he took home a bronze medal in men’s under 90kg class. At the Summer Games of 2000, he was Hoogenband’s 100 meter freestyle record during the European awarded gold when he defeated heavyweight ‘Carlis Honorato’ by Ippon. of 47.84 seconds was broken by French championships and swimmer Alian Bernard with 47.50 seconds. won various titles. Cur- This champ is definitely a force to be recon with, as he prepares for his last Olympics. His ultimate goal is to close his career with a consecutive fourth Olympic medal. Something that no male judoka has rently Li Jiao belongs to the Top 10 of female single ever accomplished before. Pieter Van Den players. Her debut at the Mark Huizinga Hoogeband Olympics will surely cause a stir as already dubbed “one of the favorites.”Triple H - August 2008 q w e r t y u i o p l j h g f d s a z x c v b n m
  11. 11. 无数的啤酒发烧友不可能是错误的 服务全世界