Become an event planner


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Become an event planner

  1. 1. Become an Event Planner“How do I become an event planner?” is one of the most frequently asked questions weget. The good news is that becoming an event planner was named the best business job of2012. Event Planners can make a great salary and the industry is expected to continue 20%growth over the next eight years.To get started, you can continue reading below or if you know you are ready for ourdetailed, best-in-the-industry guide you can get it here.OverviewThere are two main types of planners: Social Planners and Corporate Planners Social planning includes weddings, birthdays, parties, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, and holidays. Corporate planning includes meetings, company events, seminars, conventions, associations and charities.The first thing to do is figure out which of these two categories you enjoy more. There areways to become successful doing both types of events but it’s helpful to master one typebefore tackling the other.How Can You Become An Event Planner?You have three options to getting involved in the planning industry.1. You can start your own planning business.You can read our comprehensive guide on starting your own business by clicking here.It has a 5 Star Rating.2. You can get a job as an event planner.Many medium to large-size companies hire their own event planners. Common companieswho have planners on staff are hotels, restaurants, concert venues, nightclubs and televisionstudios. In this role you would be responsible for things like: Holiday parties, Retreats, Board meetings, Stockholder meetings, Award ceremonies, Executive trips, Trade shows, Conventions, Client entertainment and Seminars.If you are already qualified for an event planner job, you can search for Event Planner Jobshere. If you are interested in classroom classes, you can find an event planning school nearyou. And lastly, if you prefer home study guides about becoming an event planner, you canreview our “Become An Event Planner Guide”.
  2. 2. 3. You can get a job with an event planning company.An event planning company can give you valuable experience to build up your career. Inorder to get this type of job, you should get your resume ready. Be sure its organized, cleanand stands out. Jobs at event planning companies are hard to get so you want every advantageover your competition.Planning companies often times specialize in weddings, catering, special parties, industryconventions, seminars, etc. What Classes Should I Take To Become An Event Planner?There are two main ways to study to become an event planner:1. You can take college classes at a local school or online. If you would like to see whichcolleges are in your area just answer this short form and we’ll match you to schools in yourarea.2. You can buy our study at home course to learn the basics of becoming an event planner.Our course is very good at teaching you the ins and outs of event planning but it is a homestudy course. If you would rather get a degree in Event Planning then click the form above. Ifyou would like to see the home study course please get it here.Educational Requirements for Becoming an Event PlannerThere are no formal requirements to get into the events industry, although if you are applyingfor a job it sometimes helps having a college degree. Industry certifications like the CMP(Certified Meeting Professional) and CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional) cansometimes replace a college degree on your resume. If you are starting your own businessthen having a college degree does not play a role in getting clients.The problem is there aren’t many classes you can take in college to learn the exact day-to-dayskills that make you an asset to an event planning company. Nor are there many classes thathelp you start your own event planning business. This is why we created a complete guide towalking you through the important steps of creating your own business (above). Most onlineevent planning courses charge over $1200 for the same material. I am looking for Event Planner Jobs – If you are interested in finding a job as an event planner, most companies prefer to hire someone who has experience coordinating one or more major events and has an educational background in how event planning works. Today most event planners have at least a college degree, and some have a masters degree in fields such as business, communications and hospitality management. If you have event planning experience (or a college degree) and are ready to apply for openings at event planner companies, you can search our event planner job board now. Event Planning
  3. 3. Become An Event Planner Guide Learn how to start your own business and become an event planner!© Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved. RSS Feed Sitemap ContactDo You Want To Be A Successful Event Planner?
  4. 4. Our experts know what its like to have a strong desire to become an event planner but notknow how to get there. We have studied, worked and put on events for some of the biggestcelebrities and corporations in the world and continue to do so. Our experts LOVE what theydo and they are ready to share their knowledge with you.This Ultimate Event Planning package will help you become an event planner and hasalready helped hundreds of people. The guides take you STEP-BY-STEP through everythingyou need to know to plan events and start your own business.The package includes a full length, professionally created guide book; a quick-start planningbook that shows you exactly what to do when planning your events; teaches you how to landclients, how to market yourself, how to get the highest quality and least expensive vendorsand venues, how to grow your business and make a lot more money! Plus, it containsbusiness templates, checklists and forms youll need; and lots more!If this sounds like the package for you, you are in the right place.Helping You Become an Event Planner Guide - More Details STEP-BY-STEP information on becoming an event planner and running a successful event planning business.
  5. 5. You will receive a FREE Bonus Startup Kit that contains a "Done-For-You" guide to planning beautiful events, how to market yourself, how to increase your sales, plus templates, checklists and valuable advice you cant find in many places. Plus a lot more! You will receive on-going support from us with answers to any questions you have about becoming an event planner. No prior experience required to use the guides. It benefits those wanting to become event planners and existing planners. This is a $500 billion dollar industry you are entering. Best of all: You get to be creative, plan beautiful events, and be your own boss!Common Question: Why do you only sell a limited number of kits?Our event planning guide is extremely popular but we only sell a limited number of kits eachmonth to ensure you receive the highest level of support.As a special promotion, we are offering the full kit at 50% OFF for the month ofDecember! It will go back to normal price after that. We cannot guarantee how long thesewill last because sometimes we sell out at the sale price.Most other Event Planning Guides cost $1000 or more! We do not believe in over-chargingour customers and believe that our guide teaches you everything our competitors have for lessthan 5% of their prices! We dont mind giving you this package for such low prices becausewe love helping our readers and we know you will be so satisfied with our guides that youwill continue coming back and reading our site. That is more important to us than chargingthousands of dollars.Common Question: Can you mail me the full package to my doorstep?Yes we can. If you would prefer to get a physical package mailed to your doorstep, we willdo that right away. Some people prefer to get the product shipped and we enjoy doing that. It
  6. 6. is slightly more expensive due to the production cost but is still a great deal! Cost is $65 forthe package mailed to you. (Update: 3 physical packages left at sale price)TestimonialsCommon Question: Do the two packages have the same information?Yes, they sure do. The only difference between them is if you prefer the physical package orprefer to get the package on your computer instantly.Common Question: How Do I Know Which Package Is Right For Me?If you prefer to receive the package online instantly, then this is the package for you:
  7. 7. Normal Price: $60.00 Todays Sale Price: $29.00 You save: 50% Shipping: FreeIf you prefer to have the guides in your hand, mailed to your door then this is the package foryou:Normal Price: $130.00 Sale Price: $65.00 You save: 50%Common Question: What happens next?Once you are ready to purchase and select the package you want, you will be directed to asecure credit card processing page. We use the highest security and most secure method tomake payments. If you select the Instant Access package, please check your emailimmediately after payment for the full package. You will have it instantly. If you select thephysical package, we will mail your product right away and you will have it in approximately5 - 7 business days. Dont forget about our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!Still have questions? Please fill out our contact form or call us at 1-888-720-7710 .©Copyright 2012, All Rights Reserved. Contact Terms of Service Privacy Policy Sitemap