How to use advanced search to search for interns


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How to use advanced search to search for interns

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How to use advanced search to search for interns

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO ADVANCED SEARCH TOOL For GDCPI AIESEC ROSTOV ON DON SUNSHINE PROJECT By George k ChisangaLogin in and on the search bar, change the option to forms and then click advanced search.You will have the following on your screen; “You then click on this button below” HELP | LOGOUT Forms Advanced SearchAfter clicking advanced search, you will have the following screen and click on local and also EP and after local you have to choose MC and also LC; Forms Advanced Search HELP | LOGOUTAdvanced Search - Forms
  2. 2. Committee* Global Regional National LocalCategory* TN EPProgramme Global Community Development(GC)When you choose MC and LC and also EP status you will have the following screen;Advanced Search - FormsCommittee* Global Regional National CAMBODIA Local UNIATLANTICOCategory* TN EPProgramme Global Community Development(GC)
  3. 3. Ordered By : EP Status Ascending DescendingPlease chose to ODER BY EP STATUS as this way you will be able to get the eps who are available, for example;Advanced Search - Forms Next » | 1-50 | of 54Search Results - EP Forms EP Code Program Name Committee Raised Date EP Status EP-In-CO-UN-2013-73 GC Angela Villadiego AIESEC UNIATLANTICO 14.03.2013 Available EP-In-CO-UN-2012-69 GC liz ariza AIESEC UNIATLANTICO 23.11.2012 Available EP-In-CO-UN-2012-4 GI Karen Laiton AIESEC UNIATLANTICO 01.05.2012 Available EP-In-CO-UN-2012-70 GC liz ariza AIESEC UNIATLANTICO 23.11.2012 Available EP-In-CO-UN-2012-47 GC Yesid Conde Rivera AIESEC UNIATLANTICO 01.10.2012 Available EP-In-CO-UN-2012-61 GI Javier OTERO AIESEC UNIATLANTICO 20.10.2012 Available EP-In-CO-UN-2012-66 GI Jorge Garcia AIESEC UNIATLANTICO 25.10.2012 Available EP-In-CO-UN-2012-59 GI Stevent Sosa Cervantes AIESEC UNIATLANTICO 09.10.2012 Available EP-In-CO-UN-2012-63 GI jesus cubides AIESEC UNIATLANTICO 21.10.2012 Available EP-In-CO-UN-2012-10 GC Nathalie Lara Mora AIESEC UNIATLANTICO 07.05.2012 Expired EP-In-CO-UN-2012-14 GI Carlos Peña Fábregas AIESEC UNIATLANTICFrom here you click on the EP code of any of the EPS and you will have access to their details; for example;please note that the information window of an ep opensin a separate window, so you have to look for an external window that will open once you click on the code of the ep.
  4. 4. If we click on the EP CODE of angela we shall have her information Angela Villadiego AIESEC UNIATLANTICO COLOMBIA Earliest Start Date 15.06.2013 Latest End Date 31.07.2013 Personal Information First Name Angela Last Name Villadiego Date of Birth 14.07.1993 Gender Female Nationality Colombiana Academic Information Educational Institute Universidad del Atlántico Degree Undergraduate Area(s) of Studies Criminal Law Professional Information No Professional Information Available. Backgrounds Law Civil Law(Academic) Advanced Law(Academic) Introductory Law(Academic) Criminal Law(Academic) Business Law(Academic) International Law(Academic)
  5. 5. SkillsComputer Internet User Skills PC User SkillsProfessional Skills Team ManagementLanguagesGood EnglishRegionsRequired/Preferred PreferredGeographical Regions Western Europe and North America Central and Eastern Europe IberoamericaSub Regions Balkans Central Europe Eastern Europe Former Soviet Union Mediterranean countries Greater Scandinavian Latin America Caribbean Central America Northern South America South America Southern South America North America French speaking Europe German speaking Europe
  6. 6. Baltic Europe Western EuropeLanguage Zones English Speaking World Spanish Speaking WorldAIESEC InformationNo AIESEC Information Available.Personal PreferencesInternship Earliest Start Date 15.06.2013 (Preferred)Internship Latest Date 31.07.2013 (Preferred)Minimum Duration 6 Weeks (Required)Maximum Duration 6 Weeks (Required)Field of Work/Issues - EP-In-CO-UN-2013-73Status AvailableExchange Type Global Community DevelopmentCVHOJA_DE_VIDA_ÁNGELA_PATRICIA_VILLADIEGO_GÓMEZ.docxRaised By
  7. 7. Raised Date 14.03.2013 Mobile No of EP Manager 3002689835We look at her earliest start date and latest date of completion, for example angela above has Earliest Start Date 15.06.2013 Latest End Date 31.07.2013So this means that we can take the person, from here we send the person the documents via their email address.After you have clicked on all the available eps, you can then change the LC to another LC. For Example;Advanced Search - FormsCommittee* Global Regional National CAMBODIA Local SANTA MARTACategory* TN EPProgramme Global Community Development(GC)
  8. 8. Ordered By : EP Status Ascending Descending Next » | 1-50 | of 348Search Results - EP FormsEP Code Program Name Committee Raised Date EP StatusEP-In-CO-SM-2012-1271 GI Rossana Bermudez AIESEC SANTA MARTA 10.09.2012 AvailableEP-In-CO-SM-2012-1273 GI Leonardo Herrera AIESEC SANTA MARTA 17.09.2012 AvailableEP-In-CO-SM-2013-1341 GI Emel Mora AIESEC SANTA MARTA 31.01.2013 AvailableEP-In-CO-SM-2012-1310 GI Carolina Ozuna AIESEC SANTA MARTA 17.10.2012 AvailableEP-In-CO-SM-2012-1278 GI Lenis Arrieta Sanchez AIESEC SANTA MARTA 30.09.2012 AvailableEP-In-CO-SM-2012-1230 GI Jhon Robayo Narvaez AIESEC SANTA MARTA 05.03.2012 AvailableEP-In-CO-SM-2012-1251 GI adriana hernandez manjarres AIESEC SANTA MARTA 22.05.2012 ExpiredWe again do the same thing, we click on the EP’s code and then have access to their infor and late we check their availability period and then copy email addressand send them an email.
  9. 9. Eg lets click on ep Emel MoraEmel MoraAIESEC SANTA MARTACOLOMBIAEarliest Start Date 01.03.2013 Latest End Date 01.03.2014tatusAvailableExchange TypeGlobal InternshipCVCV_Emel_Mora_Fernandez.pdfRaised Byemel.morafernandez@aiesec.netRaised Date31.01.2013Mobile No of EP Manager(57)3107054814