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Avison young case study (Raised Access Floors and UFAD)


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Avison young case study (Raised Access Floors and UFAD)

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Avison young case study (Raised Access Floors and UFAD)

  1. 1. UFAD: Affecting Building Operation Costs . . . Avison Young’s Duncan Mill Office Building CASE STUDY
  2. 2. DESCRIPTION: 180 DUNCAN MILL BUILDING "A" BUILDING "B" BUILDING "C" BUILDING "D" Size 145,060 s.f. 150,071 s.f. 99,084 s.f. 94,225 s.f. 94,225 s.f. Vacancy 25.29% 11.21% Normal Bus Hrs/Day 18 9.00% 12.00% 10 10 Occupancy Load Full 70% 95% 95% 80% Floor Plate 21,251 s.f. 10,696 s.f. 8,251 s.f. 6,300 s.f. 22,380 S.F. Construction 2001 1974 1958 1996 1974 Heating Natural Gas Natural Gas District Steam District Steam Natural Gas Cooling Chiller - Electric Chiller - Electric Chiller - Electric Chiller - Electric Chiller - Electric Upgrades: Chiller 2003 Original Original BAS 2000 2003 Original Boilers 2001 Lighting Controls 2000 2003 Air Distribution Method Underfloor w/ compartmental unit on each floor Dual-Duct High Pressure Constant Volume Zoned Fan-Coil Dual-Duct High-Pressure Case Study: Avison Young Avison Young tracked the operational costs of 5 of their buildings located in the Toronto Regional Area to compare operational costs and best practices. Each of the buildings were comparable in overall square footage, regional climate and reasonable occupancy load and monitored over a 4 year period: COMPARITIVE BUILDING PROFILES:
  3. 3. “DUNCAN MILL” BUILDING A BUILDING B BUILDING C * BUILDING D 0 2 4 5 7 CA$6.49 CA$3.89 CA$4.93 CA$5.00 CA$2.66 Case Study: Avison Young Avison Young’s “DUNCAN MILL” Building is still considered to have the best operational cost and ease of maintenance for it’s HVAC related functions: BUILDING HVAC OPERATIOINS & MAINTENANCE COST/SF :
  4. 4. Case Study: Avison Young Comparing DUNCAN MILL to the next best building (BUILDING “C”) still reveals a $1.23 / sf savings in operational cost and maintenance for HVAC : DETAILED BUILDING HVAC OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE COST/SF : $2.66 -$3.89 -$1.23/ SF
  5. 5. Case Study: Avison Young “ We’ve found our maintenance costs for air distribution equipment is next to nothing with UFAD compared to other buildings we have with traditional overhead systems. . . there are very few moving parts with UFAD . . . We have far less occupant complaints”. VP Operations - Avison Young Avison Young employs Raised Access Floors & UFAD systems in their Headquarters office whenever possible because the combination of UFAD & Raised Access Floors provide the best overall flexibility & long-term functionality for both tenant construction and operation cost management. Occupant comfort and tenant fit-out savings in time and costs make the building more marketable. Pri c e Wa t er hou se Co ope r s, 1 8 Y ork S tr e e t Tor onto