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Events 101 - November 2011


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Presentation to ~100 non-profit and government leaders in Fairfax VA on DIY messaging related to public relations.

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Events 101 - November 2011

  1. 1. Review From Yesterday Online Mktg Social Public Media Relations
  2. 2. “We do use Twitter and Facebooklinks in our ranking....We are also trying to figure out alittle about the reputation of anauthor on Twitter or Facebook.” --Google executive Matt Cutts December 17, 2010
  3. 3. Promotion TodayTraditional • Broadcast • Newspapers Media • USPS New • Social Media • Niche Sites Media • Online News Sites
  4. 4. Traditional media didn’t lose relevance There are more opportunities (to smaller audiences) than ever before
  5. 5. New media more than compensates • Lower cost • Easier access • Better audience targeting• Thorough understanding of engagement
  6. 6. Channels Social Non- Traditional Media Traditional Media Bloggers New Facebook Niche Ways to Twitter Sites Pitch & Engage
  7. 7. Our Conversation TodayWHO does all this work?WHAT tools do they use?HOW it is paid for?
  8. 8. Who
  9. 9. Who – Resource ListInternsITT Extern Program – 135 hours or no degreeTraining Futures, No Va. Family ServicesChantilly HS and other FCPS (minor payment)Advisory Board MembersLocal Chamber of Commerce networking
  10. 10. How?Think A New WayUse Untapped Currency
  11. 11. How Do We Pay? Find people who want something from you, not just do-gooders
  12. 12. Untapped Currency• Links from your website to theirs• A “badge” on their site as a digital certificate• Joint press release or allow them to issue one• Exclusive opportunitiesWhat can you give an organization or person that doesn’t cost you money, but is valuable?
  13. 13. What Tools?200 active, reputable social media tools online. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & more Multiple Users for accounts Low Cost Metrics Message Scheduling!
  14. 14. Press Release Distribution $100-$400 / release
  15. 15. Be A Source 30,000 Journalists 210 Queries Sent Daily Up to 3 Emails
  16. 16. Blog It - FREE
  17. 17. Keep Track 10 free licenses $15,000 value Non-profits Schools
  18. 18. There Is A Better Way