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Health effects of air pollution and importance of healthy air


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Air pollution, both indoors and outdoors, causes major health problems in human beings. It has affected people living in all parts of the world alike. The main components of air that are responsible for a deteriorating health condition include particulate matter.

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Health effects of air pollution and importance of healthy air

  1. 1. Health Effects of Air Pollution and Importance of Hea lthy AirAir pollution, both indoors and outdoors, causes major health problems in human beings. Ithas affected people living in all parts of the world alike. The main components of air that areresponsible for a deteriorating health condition include particulate matter, carbon dioxide,ozone, nitrogen dioxide, chloro-floro carbons, and sulphur dioxide. These harmfulcomponents are present in the air in large quantities. Concentration of particulate matter isrelatively high inside a house because of the consumption of bio fuels and coal for cookingpurposes.HEALTH EFFECTSAir pollution can severely damage our respiratory system. Along w ith that, it also affects ourpulmonary and neurological system to a great extent. The most acute sufferers observed ina house include pregnant woman, infants, and elderly people. They are more vulnerable tochronic and lung diseases. In children, the effects are more prominent because their lungsare in the development stage. Air pollution not only causes acute health effects but alsochronic health problems.When a person is exposed to a polluting environment, he generally experiences acuteeffects such as headache, eye irritation, and dizziness. These effects don’t last for a longtime and disappear as soon as the contact with polluting air is circumvented. On the otherhand, chronic health disorders are irreversible and their effects are not observedimmediately. They are a result of long term exposure to poisonous air pollutants. Chronichealth effects reduce the capacity of lungs and can even cause lung cancer in a long term.Lungs are mainly responsible for sucking oxygen and abstracting carbon dioxide from theblood vessels. However, the obstruction to this process due to air pollution contributes tothe development of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and cancer. It is not hard tofathom that how badly it will affect out circulatory system and heart functioning.The major health diseases can be summed up as follows:a.) Minor lung illnesses such as sore throat, runny nose, and coughing.b.) Major lung illnesses such as croup, pneumonia, and cancerc.) Asthmad.) Pulmonary diseases such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis.e.) Coronary artery diseases such as angina, heart rhythm problems, and heart attack.To understand the effect of air pollution in a more detailed manner, we should try tointerpret the effect of every polluting constituent thoroughly.1.) Carbon dioxide – It is produced from burning of kerosene or wood inside a house. It is acolorless gas which causes headaches, reduced mental agility, heart attack, cardiovasculardiseases, and ultimately death.2.) Nitrogen dioxide – It is highly reactive reddish brown gas that is produced due toburning of fuels. Its concentration inside a house w ith wood burning stoves or chimneys isconsiderably high that results in lung irritation, coughing, sneezing, and difficulty inbreathing.3.) Ozone – It is a gaseous pollutant that causes eye and throat infection. Asthma and lungdamage have also been linked to excessive exposure to ozone. It is mainly present in closedrooms where air pollutants in the presence of sunlight react with other harmful aircomponents.
  2. 2. 4.) Particulate matter – These are minute particles of dust and soot that causes irritation ineyes, asthma, lung damage, bronchitis, and cancer. Their severity gets enhanced with theirsize. The bigger the particles, the severe the effects. They cannot be observed with anormal eye. However, if you can observe it, then they are probably present in largequantities, which is extremely harmful.BENEF ITS OF HEALTHY AIRFresh and healthy air opens up our brain and every cell of the body for proper functioning.It lifts up the mood because of the refreshing effect due to balancing action betweennegative ions in oxygen and positive ions in carbon dioxide. Clean air improves the heartrate, blood pressure, and all other metabolic activities. It is hard to believe, but it alsoactivates our digestive syst em that helps to stimulate our appetite. Breathing f resh airbuilds our immune system and protects our body from harmful bacteria or virus.For more information, please visit,