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Lean about how club members and staff use their club branded mobile app to achieve their fitness goals and have fun!

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  1. 1. Inspiring fitness by connecting people and places.Thursday, March 14, 13
  2. 2. Emerging from Solstice Mobile, the team is uniquely positioned for development excellence A team of fitness and technology advocates J John Kalen Jessica Joe Sampath George CTO Customer Service & Sales UI Design Technical Senior CEO Service Lead Developer We evolved out of Solstice Mobile; an agile mobile developer A scalable process for launching and maintaining white label apps. Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13
  3. 3. Where we have been Reach: 80+ Club Chains with 2 Million Members + Jazzercise • A free service for club members and club prospects • A subscription service for clubs Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13
  4. 4. Why go Native for Mobile App Development? Native Mobile app usage is growing - - and it is required for a great customer experience! ! Home screen presence ! Leverages notifications ! Leverages phone capabilities (e.g. camera, GPS) ! Beautiful design experience ! Payment enablement ! Offline access to content Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13
  5. 5. MiGym is making a strong positive impression on industry leaders CBI: “Why did you choose MiGym rather then building your own app?” Bill McBride: IHRSA President and COO of Club One ...rather than develop our own app, it would be better to make use of a firm that’s spread the development costs across numerous clubs. ... and the app continues to evolve via our partnership with MiGym. -See more testimonials at www.migymapp.com Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13
  6. 6. We deliver value for clubs and members Enhance Generate Increase Convenience Revenue Retention Personal Digital Premium Club Experience Offerings Connection & g Engagement stin s der n l Te k Un uctio nt ina Wee F 3 tr de 2- ons e pen C D Multilingual S Convenient CM Payments support Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13
  7. 7. International Fun Fact: Now translated into 18% of Americans do not consider English to ! Spanish be their first language ! French Source: Infoplease.com ! Italian ! German ! Norwegian Language based on user handset preferences ! Create a moment of WOW for multicultural member and leads ! Attract international travelersThursday, March 14, 13
  8. 8. MiGym improves club engagement Sharon Frank Michelle The Overwhelmed The Maturing Adult The Fitness Pro Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13
  9. 9. The Overwhelmed Sharon Loves Convenience! • 35 yr. old professional Her Club Delivers: • Mother of • Location Finder two • Class Schedules • Often too • Mobile Calendar busy to workout • Mobile Check in • Joins fitness • Book-it clubs off and on because she can’t • She cancels her seem to membership when she make it doesn’t go for a few • Employer months subsidizes • She wants to have a social membership connection with the club “Because life is unpredictable, but you have to work out” Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13
  10. 10. The Maturing Adult - “The Eisenhower Segment” Frank Wants to track to his goals • 67 yr. old retiree • Wants to stay • Fitness Tracking active • Goal Setting • Needs fitness advice • Club Challenges • New to joining a • Youtube Channel fitness club • Personal Trainer • Wants a solitary booking workout • Instructor Bios experience • Health care company • Concerned about his subsidizes his quality of life as he ages doctor • Needs fitness advice, proscribed but can be shy about membership “Because life is precious, and we asking have to work together to stay fit” Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13
  11. 11. The Fitness Pro Michelle Loves to connect with members • 23 yr. old • Dual income; Her Club Delivers: retail & part time • Fit Friends group x • Social Check-In instructor • Goal Setting • Getting certified in personal • Fitness Tracking training • Scheduling • Checks out new • The opportunity to classes often help people like • Spends significant Sharon and Frank. % of disposable • Loves to connect income on with others at the fitness club • Smiles all the • On a mission to look time great and stay healthy “Because the gym is a great place Copyright © 2012, MiGym to improve people’s lives”Thursday, March 14, 13
  12. 12. The front desk connects with members The Front Desk Wants efficiency and effectiveness MiGym Delivers: • Build a personal • Efficient check in connection with • Streamlined Check in members • Inform members: • Push Notifications and Push Promotions • A mobile marketing - Promotions • Flexible Integrated Scheduling including Book-it partner - News & Events • Access to analytics of app usage • Integrated processes - Closings • Innovation and Customization options “Because the the front desk is for connecting with members”Thursday, March 14, 13
  13. 13. Pricing Philosophy Rule #1: Maximize Value: Deliver High Quality at Low Prices Core strategy: ! Attract more customers to share development costs ! Offer customizations & services to drive app penetration How we price for services and customizations ! Stuff we love that benefits all customers 0% to 30% e.g. Fitness tracking, Improved search ! Stuff that benefits some customers 30% to 70% range e.g. Deeper CMS integration ! Marketing: design / advice 100% (~$50/hr) e.g. creation of posters, review of website etc. ! Customizations 120%-150% + 5% code base isolation fee e.g. special icons, changes to the sliding drawers Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13
  14. 14. We’re partnering with PubNub for wold class messaging infrastructure Mobile Offline Powerful In-App Messaging Push Capabilities Real-Time High-speed, low-latency Reach consumers when their Eleven global data centers messaging to mobile, phones are in their pockets. provides reliability, Data browser, and desktops Accurate audience targeting performance, and powerful connecting everyone on and automatically in-app / features for every earth in under ¼ seconds. offline fallback. real-time application. Storage/Playback Data Broadcast of real-time data Presence PubNub Push “Multiplexing” combining streams of data Security Analytics One-to-One Messaging Multi-levels of security and encryptionThursday, March 14, 13
  15. 15. The future of in-app messaging Phase 1 (Now) Phase 2 Phase 3 “Fit Friends” Intelligent routing: Expanded Profiles: Point to • Social Login • Members set up profiles • Geo-Location targeting of messages. (e.g. send a • Friend finder to include “seeking bulletin point • Members communicate with each-other in real message to everyone near a club/ everyone away board” (e.g. seeking doubles player for tuesday across platforms from the club) nights.) • Member control with • Expand profile to include blocking and logout club specific additional attributes Club Notifications “Fit Groups” Community Moderator Community • Admin tool notifications • Messages can be routed • Moderator tools for clubs. • Closed club communities to all club members 1 on 1 or to groups. (e.g. only members can • Messages delivered to • MiGym moderates see messages, leads can online and offline groups on behalf of clubs see the size and health of customers • Friend and Follow communities) Workflow In app automation Out of app automation • Send messages when • Bill payment reminders Integration new promotions are • Personal Trainer inventory uploaded, • Open spaces in classes • Send messages to those who favorited a specific club • Send messages targeted to leadsThursday, March 14, 13
  16. 16. MiGym and Netpulse: Strategic Partnership Netpulse: !Provides software to fitness equipment suppliers that together have 75% market share !Provides club centric goal setting and fitness tracking aggregation inside and outside the club for 400+ clubs MiGym !Facilitates data capture and convenient tracking !MiGym provides Mobile Payments in joint advertising and ecommerce solutions Launching March 2013 at IHRSA Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13
  17. 17. New to MiGym: How do I get OnBoard? ! Sign up using the “Enroll” button on www.migymapp.com - submit logo - share calendar and club locations - identify features to configure ! MiGym to send on-boarding email and schedule “Kickoff Date” - finalize launch details - walk through the club’s admin tool ! Approve build (1-3 weeks after completed enrollment) ! App launched in app stores in about 2 weeks time - Apple dependent for final launch Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13
  18. 18. MiGym Customer: How do I get OnBoard? Pricing ! Free International & other improvements ! Push Notifications and Fit Friends (PubNub Pass through cost) - $15/month for single location < 5K member clubs - $49/ month all else ! Marketing support options ! Fitness Tracking - Free from MiGym Next steps: ! Let us know what your interested in; survey will be sent post webinar. ! Solidify with a full digital proposal Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13
  19. 19. Fitness Club Pricing Basic $99/month* Pro $299/month* Enterprise / Netpulse Standard Club or Facility Apps Schedules & Feedback Monitoring Custom Integration & Features !Branded iphone & Android Apps All Basic features PLUS: All Pro Features PLUS: !Published in Major App Stores !Custom App Icon of club logo !Unlimited Class Schedules !Early Access To New Features !Location Finder !Mobile Calendar Integration !Fit Friends !Map Integration !Mobile Group Ex Schedules !SMS Push Notifications !Custom Launch Screen !Highlights Schedule Changes !Fitness Tracking Integrations !Custom Branding !Browse Classes by: !Life Fitness !Mobile Membership Card !Fitbit / Polar / others on request !Free Trial Pass •Date !Premium Multi-Media Solutions !Promotions & Announcements •Activity !Mobile Payments !Contact Info with Phone Dialer •Instructor !Enhanced Feedback Monitoring !Social: Facebook, Twitter, etc. !Standard Usage Reports !Custom Reporting and Analytics !Unlimited Use of Admin Panel !Daily monitoring of app feedback !Custom CMS Integration !Automatic updates !Free/Automatic App Updates Contact us for pricing * $25/month for additional locations & calendars ** Push Notifications and “Fit Friends” * Startup fees may apply. •$15/ month: 1 location & less then 5K members. * 5% discount for annual prepayment. •$49/month for clubs that don’t qualify Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13
  20. 20. Thank You. George Monical CEO, MiGym 312 217 6579 (m) Call me anytime! gmoni@migymapp.com Copyright © 2012, MiGymThursday, March 14, 13