Media Four Scenes Essay


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Media Four Scenes Essay

  1. 1. 4 Film Title Sequences- 4 Print Screens George TruslerThe airplanes are representative of theconstant running/ escaping and constantmovement that is reflective of the title‘Catch Me If You Can’. Also the simplecolour scheme that has been used makesthe sequence pleasant on the eyes andmay also mirror the simplicity of the filmitself. The use of black on the man in theimage makes him seem more illusive andmysterious so that we can recognize thatthis film may be about one man hiding andescaping from something.The character that is sitting down is muchlarger than everyone else making himseem far more important and powerfulthan everyone else in the image. Also thelong continuous black lines that form thetitles reflect the never ending chase ofsomeone or something. The character’shat and glasses conceal him more whichmakes the effect of him hiding fromsomeone. The use of the newspapermakes him less conspicuous as well.The word ‘me’ is fading out and movingaway representing the illusiveness of thecharacter that is running away. It is also adifferent colour making it separated fromthe rest which signifies an outcast or thatthe person who it represents is moreunique than the rest. Again the long lineshave been used to reflect the runningaway.The illusive character is clearly in the taxibecause it is on the run from the police carwhich again signifies the running thatseems to be repeated over and over again.We can tell this because of the tire skidmarks left by the speeding car. Also thecharacter may be in the traditional yellowcab of new york to signify were the film isset but also to signify a blending in of thecharacter on the run.
  2. 2. The car in this image is purple. This is thecolour of jealousy which signifies thateveryone wants to have this car or thebest car that they possibly can get. Alsothe blurry background makes the car themain focus of the image which is areflection of the main plot of the film.Theblanked out windows may be being usedto conceal the person within the car whichmay reflect that the driver is a wantedman/woman.The spoiler signifies that the car is or isused for racing or that the car is very fast.The blurry background which is in front ofthe car signifies that the driver eitherdoesn’t really know were they’re headingor that there is no real destination thatthey are heading for. The only objectwithin the image is the car which signifiesthat this film is all about cars but alsosignifies that nothing else matters otherthan the car.The body of the car looks like it is veryexpensive and that it has been improved.This signifies that they’re is always roomfor improvement and that the people inthis film have a lot of money whether itcome from legal or illegal sources. This isthen backed up by the large and shinyrims which also look like they’d beexpensive. The person inside is stillconcealed which signifies that the personinside has broken the law.The green background creates the feelingof success or that something good hashappened which may reflect the mood atthe end of the film for the person that isdriving the car. Also, all of the titles thatwe have seen are around the car whichagain signifies the importance of the carwhich is seemingly the main plot of thisfilm.
  3. 3. 4 Film Title Sequences- 4 Print Screens George TruslerThe image is iconic and is thereforeinstantly recognisable as a James Bondfilm which means that the films are a hudesuccess. The use of black and white aswell as the circle around Bond makes usfocus on him which signifies his power andsignificance in the film. Also his pose isone of power and confidence whichsignifies his control over everyone andeverything around him.The way he is sitting and looking downslightly makes us think that he is watchingover someone which signifies that he is aheroic character. The roots that are in theimage creates the sense that gamblingand casinos are spreading and taking overin society, this signifies that this may be amain theme within the programme. Onlyprimary colours have been used whichmakes the image seem more simplle andtherefore isn’ to vibrant and in your face.The guns are shooting hearts which isreflective of what the purpose of a gunactually is, this is all done through symbolsand signifiers. There is also a crossfirewhich instantly signifies that there is afirefight meaning that the film will contain alot of action. The explosion/ flash of theguns is made up of suits of cards whichmay signify and reflect why the gunhasbeen fired in the first place.The man that Bond is in a conflict with isred which signifies a danger and threattowards James Bond. The background ismade up of the back of a deck of cardswhich again suggests that gambling andcasinos is everywhere and that thisencounter maybe happening inside acasino.
  4. 4. The image has a light and a dark sidewhich could represent good versus evilwhich may be a theme running through thefilm. Everything appears to be on a deskwhich is representative of someoneexamining evidence or work which willprobably contain key parts of the storywithin the film. The lighting also makes theroom look small and also makes it focus onone particular thing.The film being cut suggests that whateveris on it may be evidence to some sort ofcrime. Also the film makes us instantlyrealise that this film is set in past timesbecause nowadays it would be on acomputer screen. Itis very dark againwhich may resemble the overallatmosphere of the film which is comingacross as good versus bad.There are some kind of newspapers in thisimage which could again be being used asevidence. There is now a common themecoming through from this title sequence.There is blood on the page which couldreflect danger or that the information onthe page is about a danger of some form.It is also written in a different languagewhich makes us realise that this film maybe set in an entirely different country.They are collecting somes hair (DNA),which again signifies that it is evidence ofsome kind. There are also images on thepage of people in vulnerable positionswhich could also be being used in order tosolve the case that appears to be the mainstoryline within the films. All of this gives usthe impression that whoever is working inthis dark room is good trying to stop thebad.