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GeoRabble GovHack Sydney Intro


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As promised, here's the slidedeck from tonight's GovHack kickoff in Sydney. Enjoy!

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GeoRabble GovHack Sydney Intro

  1. 1. Anybody Can PresentNo Sales PitchesUp to 10 minsUse Any Medium
  2. 2. Peter BayleyStewart Hay @OhMyDeity Tim LeighHugh Saalmans @minus34 @georabble
  3. 3. More than Location
  4. 4. Value of Understanding Place Tobler’s 1st Law of Geography
  5. 5. New Insights and Data Sources Eric Fischer: New York City by Geotagged Tweets
  6. 6. New Insights and Data Sources Eric Fischer: New York City by Geotagged Tweets
  7. 7. The Digital Divide Gregor Aisch – location of IP addresses vs population.
  8. 8. The Cattle DriveJack @ Small Multiples: shuttle bus routes targeting vulnerable communities
  9. 9. More than Pushpins20 min travel time Isochrones in Google Hotel Finder
  10. 10. HipmunkRestaurant Density
  11. 11. Crowdsourced GeoreferencingBritish Library
  12. 12. Budget DirectHail Automated Notification System (HANS)
  13. 13. Deloitte Tech Trends 2012 Top 5 Enablers Big Data Goes to Work Geospatial Visualisation Digital Identities Measured Innovation Outside-in Architecture
  14. 14.
  15. 15. THE FRONTEND
  16. 16. THE BACKEND
  17. 17. W O R K I N G W I T H T H E D AT A
  18. 18. BASEMAPS
  19. 19. DOTS, LINES & BOUNDARIESDots – POIs, user or friend locations, tweets ...Lines – streets, relationships, linkages ...Boundaries – suburbs, postcodes, zones ...
  20. 20. GEOPROCESSINGGeocoding:converting text addresses to usable locationsRouting:directions between 2 or more locationsGeoreferencing:applying real world coords to non-geo data
  21. 21. MAPSChoropleth – maps shaded by a dataset ...Heat – density maps ...
  22. 22. COOKBOOK INGREDIENTS ABS Census 2006 bdys & stats (BY-CC) PostGIS 2.0 PHP Leaflet Cloudmade OSM tiles > See the GeoRabble Blog for more...
  23. 23. EXAMPLES
  24. 24. TIPSCoordinate Systems:AU data will most likely be GDA94 = WGS84(SRID : 4326)Vector Thinning:Rich line and bdy datasets need to have their coords thinned for web & mobile display (for each zoom level)GeoJSON:The de-facto JS standard for distributing geodata to end users (drop the decimal places)
  26. 26. Over 700 people havecome along and connected:50 Presentations4 Sydney GeoRabbles2 Melbourne GeoRabbles2 Perth GeoRabbles1 Brisbane GeoRabbleNext Events: Sydney July (tba) Canberra coming soon