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IT in Republic of Moldova - Value for the Money


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The costs of doing business in Moldova are low for a reason. Even though political changes will have little to no impact on IT centers serving clients abroad and overall conditions are getting better as the economy continues to grow, firms opening centers in
the country need to bring their own managers (at least at first) and trainers to help staff round out their skills.

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IT in Republic of Moldova - Value for the Money

  1. 1. Republic of Moldova - Value for MoneyDona SCOLAMay 29, 2013Author:Date:Deputy
  2. 2. Capable and Business Friendly
  3. 3. Capable and Business Friendly
  4. 4. Hub Between East and West
  5. 5. Hub Between East and West
  6. 6. Educated and Skilled Labour
  7. 7. Educated and Skilled Labour
  8. 8. Growing Local Market
  9. 9. Government committed utilizing IT
  10. 10. The IDC PerspectiveMoldova is EuropeanIts culture and history are intrinsically linked to the rest of the continent. Its system ofeducation, business processes, and business approaches align with those of Europe.It is still early days for both the overall IT market in Moldova and for the countrys roleas an IT development and services locationIt has one of Europes lowest costs of doing businessThe government has developed numerous incentives for attracting foreign firms.A skilled labor force and a 7.4% unemployment rate means people are looking for work.And there is plenty of office space.Moldova well positioned for high-value activities like analysis and design and softwaredevelopment and testingSpending on nearshore activities will be more than 40% higher.While the potential for building cost-effective centers is high, the market is small – becausethe country is small – and international vendors that move quickly will have the advantage.
  11. 11. Plan for itLeadership needed – management and upTraining required – adding experience to intelligenceProductivity – room for improvementManagement standards are still developing in Moldova. Since the collapse of the SovietUnion, commonly accepted practices employed in free-market economies have been slowto take hold in the business community.Just because training is considered important and generally a positive part of the corporateworld does not mean it happens.On the surface, the productivity level of the IT service industry in Moldova might ring alarmbells among those thinking of building IT development and service centers there.
  12. 12. Find out MoreVisit andOpen the Business to Business ICT Portal and find a partnerGet in TouchDownload ICT Whitepaper, Download the PowerPoint presentation, Dowload the PDFBrochureLook for contacts and partnerships on the B2B directory of moldovan ICT companies.Ministry of Information Technology and Communications+373 22 251 175 & Association of Private ICT Companies+373 22 887 000 &
  13. 13. Thank you for your time!If you need additional information, feel free to contact us:Dona Scola, Deputy Minister,Ministry of Information Technology and CommunicationsAddress: Moldova, Chisinau, Stefan cel Mare str. 134Email: contact@investict.mdWebsite: www.investict.mdPhone: +373 22 251