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Opinion mining dashboard mockup athens-03092010


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Opinion mining dashboard mockup athens-03092010

  1. 1. 1st WP2 WorkshopOpinion Mining Environment<br />IGNIT-ATC<br />Athens 02.09.2010<br />1<br />ICT 2009 FP7-248222<br />
  2. 2. Results show sentiments with labels for a given topic<br />ICT 2009 FP7-248222<br />2<br />“driving license” <br />Labels:<br />Value<br />Distribution<br />Quality<br />Communication<br />Provision<br />Service<br />Time<br />Documentation<br />Policy<br />Process<br />Actors<br />Price<br />Sentiments:<br />Neutral<br />Negative<br />Positive<br />Click to see sentiments over time & documents <br />
  3. 3. Results show sentiments and relevant documents for a giving topic and label over time<br />ICT 2009 FP7-248222<br />3<br />Google<br />“driving license” + quality <br />Sources:<br />Click to see negative documents for week 46<br />All<br />Search engines<br />Blogs<br />News<br />Click to to explore documents<br />Documents:<br />Sentiments<br />Week<br />