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Earthquake presentation


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Earthquake presentation

  1. 1. 四川大地震By Angela, Clara, Jessica
  2. 2. Content • Richter Scale • Magnitude of Quake • Details of Sichuan Earthquake • Primary, Secondary Effects of Earthquake • Human & Monetary Costs • Why was it destructive?• How could it have been avoided?
  3. 3. Richter Scale
  4. 4. Also known as Richter magnitude test scale, is a logarithmic scale used to measure the magnitude of an earthquake, ranging from 0-8 or more. On the Richterscale, the magnitude of the earthquake is usually shown as whole number and a decimal number.
  5. 5. Normally, an earthquake that has a magnitude lesser than 3 is considered as a micro quake which sometimes can’teven be felt by people. Earthquakes that are more than 7on the Richter scale is considered as a major earthquake.
  6. 6. Details
  7. 7. Where?Sichuan province, mountainous region in Western China When? 2008-05-12 14:28 CST How? Convergence of Indian & Eurasian Plates
  8. 8. The depth of the earthquake is about 19 km. It killedabout 70,000 people and more than 18,000 people had gone missing. It affected more than 15 million ofpeople living in the other areas and there were quite a lot of aftershocks.
  9. 9. Magnitude: 7.9
  10. 10. Effects of the Damage
  11. 11. Primary Effects• Killed 69,000 people approximately• 18,000 people had gone missing after the earthquake• Damaged the communication such as road or phone lines.• Destroyed more than 5 million building.
  12. 12. Secondary Effects• More than 5 million people became homeless• More than one million people became jobless• The landslides blocking rivers may cause floods• Shortage of supplies eg. food, water & toilet facilities.
  13. 13. Human & Monetary Cost
  14. 14. Deaths: 69225 Injured: 374171Missing: 18467
  15. 15. About one trillion yuan isneeded to reconstruct the area
  16. 16. Why was this quake wasparticularly destructive?
  17. 17. Reason 1: The origin of quake was just 19km below the Earth’s surface, which caused “extremely powerful shaking felt”. The closer the origin is to the Earth’s surface, the stronger the effect.
  18. 18. Reason 2: Many school buildings were poorly constructed,which caused about 10000 students to have died when the 7000 classrooms and dormitory rooms have collapsed during the quake.
  19. 19. Reason 3: The earthquake lasted for 80 seconds, causing the ground surface to shift about 7m near theepicenter of the quake, the effect becoming thirty times more powerful than the quake in 1995 in Kobe, Japan.
  20. 20. How damage could have been avoided?
  21. 21. The collapse of schools, hospitals, factoriesduring the quake led to doubts of buildings’ safety in China. If the government had put in more money to ensure the buildings to have better resistance in such events, especially schools, a lot less would have been killed.
  22. 22. Not many of the schools in Sichuan practicedevacuation during an earthquake, thus students may have been injured/killed due to lack of knowledge of how to protect themselves. If schools had drills of such, less students would have been hurt.
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  25. 25. CreditsResearch done by Angela, Clara, Jessica Photos found by Jessica Photos edited/PPT done by Clara References done by Clara, Jessica