Why do people move from rural areas to urban in brazil


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By Adam.B / Scott.E and Dom.W

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  • why did people live in urban area most and with reason
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Why do people move from rural areas to urban in brazil

  1. 1. Why do people in brazil move from rural areas to urban? By Adam.B / Scott.E and Dom.W
  2. 2. What is a rural area? <ul><li>Rural areas (also referred to as &quot;the country&quot;, countryside ) are sparsely settled places away from the influence of large cities. </li></ul>What is a urban area ? An urban area is an area with an increased density of human-created structures in comparison to the areas surrounding it.
  3. 3. Why move? <ul><li>Brazil is one of the many Latin American countries that have faced a trend of rural-to-urban migration. People in the countryside are poor and move to try and find a better life in brazil’s urban centers. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Why Move ? <ul><li>In such cites as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio however these migrants often lack the skills to obtain good jobs and are forced to live in favelas (shanty towns) which lack basic services like electricity and sewage at the out skirts of the city. </li></ul>
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