Reflections on leadership - a geography subject leader perspective


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  • Resarch / gather information – bias , sources of information
  • Introduction to session and myself.
  • Quick presentation
  • Dotacracy activity
  • Enquiry is.. Post it activity? – what is enquiry? Examples of enquiry seen in teaching practice,
  • Reinventing the wheel – it is very likely that there will be a presentation out there that you can edit / change already
  • Learning is our core purpose – everything should link to learning. My questions – how will this imporve le
  • Two questions that I try to get a yes to. Filter the downwards pressure – don’t pass too much downwards
  • Are your team with you, behind you or disowning you? Staff CPD is the key to success. No point in getting lots of IT kit if people can’t use it. No point in writing cutting edge schemes of work if your team can’t, or won’t, teach it. Do they know your expectations? Protect your team from the stresses they don’t need to worry about – don’t always consult – sometimes just make the decisions How can you develop your team – internal CPD, using departmental time for development instead of admin. Careful PM targets
  • Between SLT, Governors, Pupils, Team, School SLT – Share the positive and go in prepared for the negative What is the image of Geography that you want the rest of the school to have? What is the image of Geography Teaching? Pupil voice – Year 9 in the decision making process What do you displays say about the department? Are your aims displayed? What would people say about your department?
  • Use data with SLT – firm facts. Be reflective and admit weakness BUT have improvements ready
  • Scale
  • Changing the curriculum. How – step by step Learning walk – if your Head, SIP or inspector walked around your department, what would they observe? The atmosphere, What’s in common?
  • How can you introduce change? Not going for clones of yourself
  • How can you overcome barriers? Never expect anything you can’t do yourself – seek advice and help as well as give it
  • Culture of support and CPD – drop ins, observer and be observed
  • Finally – all too ay to focus on the negative – stay happy. Get out for tea and cakes, residentals
  • Reflections on leadership - a geography subject leader perspective

    1. 2. ‘ Hitchhiker not a bandwagon jumper’ Doug Belshaw
    2. 3. Transformation
    3. 4. Sharing
    4. 5. Priorities
    5. 6. Tools in a toolkit
    6. 7. .Roms Image, Flickr via CC Reinvention?
    7. 8. Learning
    8. 9. How will this improve learning? How will this help my team to improve learning?
    9. 10. Team
    10. 11. Communication
    11. 13. What does geography at Priory aim to do?
    12. 14. To help you to make sense of the complex and sometimes crazy world around you
    13. 15. Scale
    14. 17. Engagement
    15. 18. Flickr Image via CC Modelling
    16. 19. wili_hybrid Image, Flicky via CC Barriers
    17. 20. Monitoring
    18. 21. Focus on the positive
    19. 22. Strategies for leading improvement – some suggestions Learning Team Communication Engagement Modelling Barriers Monitoring Focus on the positive