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Web and ekoskola (220 copies)


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Geography Project for Form 3 and Form 4 Geography Students

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Web and ekoskola (220 copies)

  1. 1. E-LEARNING GEOGRAPHY PROJECTE-learning is the use of ICT to promote learning in an interactive and innovative way.Geography is one of the area of study in the forefront in the adoption of new socialmedia (YouTube, blogging, slide sharing and Flickr). As a special homework carrying30% of the assessment of the 2nd term, you can choose one of the following topicsto experience e-learning; - write an article of around 100words for the blog about a geographic topic - create a video about a geo-graphic topic (for a example a documentary) (work in groups made up of three stu-dents is permitted) - create a PowerPoint about a geo-graphic topic of your choice with at least 15 slides - shoot a photo which has a geo-graphic value and write a commentary of 50 words about it. - shootaround 50 photos to create a photosynth of place with a geographic value. Write ashort description of around 50 words about the place. (works in groups made up ofthree students is permitted)Deadline: You can start submitting works from 28th February 2011 and the final dayfor submission is the 30th April 2011 - no work will be accepted after that day. Ar-ticles for Wordpress, Slideshows and Flickr Photos can be submitted through pen-drive or through email ( Videos and Photosynths can only besubmitted through pendrive. Always include full name & class with your submission. The school is about to embark on the Ekoskola Project (http:// What is EkoSkola? The EcoSchools programme was launched in 1994 by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and now includes well over 31,000 schools distributed around the world. EcoSchools aims at mobilizing the whole school to empower students toadopt an active role in environmental decision-making and action in their school andin their community. Schools that have successfully achieved achieved this goal areawarded a Green Flag - a prestigious eco-label testifying the school’s commitment tofostering sustainable lifestyles.Student interested in this venture have to give their name to the undersigned till2nd March 2011.