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The water cycle


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A trip around the water cycle with drippy droplet

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The water cycle

  1. 1. Water Now I’m going to show you how the Water Cycle works. Hi I’m Drippy Droplet and I will be your Water Explorer guide!
  2. 2. SEA Evaporation Transpiration Condensation Precipitation LAND Surface water Groundwater SUN The Water Cycle
  3. 3. To understand the Water Cycle we need to learn some important words. Link the words here to their meanings. Evaporation from plants Surface water Water that is underground Precipitation Lakes, rivers and puddles Groundwater Water turns into water vapour. Transpiration Water falling from the sky e.g. rain, hail, sleet or snow. Condensation Water turning from vapour back into a liquid. Evaporation MEANING WORD
  4. 4. I’m Droppy, Drippy’s younger, cooler brother. Below is the story of my journey around the water cycle. However it’s all jumbled up. Can you sort it into order by drawing arrows to link the boxes? Start Here On the journey to the sea some water is soaked up by trees and evaporates out of their leaves. This is called transpiration. This is called precipitation which can include rain, hail, sleet and snow. The droplets get bigger and bigger until they fall out of the sky. Droppy finds his way into a stream, but some water soaks into the ground and makes its way to the sea underground. Droppy’s journey continues over the surface through rivers and lakes until at last he reaches the sea. As the vapour rises the air gets colder and the vapour turns into water again. Droppy becomes one of millions of droplets that make up the clouds. Droppy has been in the sea for a while now. As he is warmed by the sun he turns into water vapour and rises upwards.