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IB Geography - Food and Health Concept Squares


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IB Geography - Food and Health Concept Squares

  1. 1. Food and HealthConcept Squares
  2. 2. Health FoodBalanced Diet Disease
  3. 3. Life Expectancy Lifestyle Income Trends (since 1950)
  4. 4. Prevention Treatment Disease Policy-makers
  5. 5. Food security MalnutritionCalorie intake Famine
  6. 6. Changes in agriculturalAvailability of food systems Scientific and technological Green revolution innovation
  7. 7. Famine EnvironmentalSocial Economic
  8. 8. Production and Trade barriers availability of foodAgricultural subsides TNCs
  9. 9. Food shortages Food aid Free trade Fair trade
  10. 10. Food miles  Sustainable agricultureSustainability Energy efficiency