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Geography - Ravenstein's Laws of Migration


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Geography - Ravenstein's Laws of Migration

  1. Ravenstein’sLaws of Migration
  2. 1885
  3. The majority of migrants go only a short distance.
  4. Migration proceeds step by step.
  5. Migrants going long distancesgenerally go by preference to one of the great centres of commerce or industry.
  6. Each current of migrationproduces a compensating counter-current.
  7. Natives of towns are lessmigratory than those of rural areas.
  8. Females are more migratory than males within the kingdom of their birth, but males more frequently venture beyond.
  9. Most migrants are adults:families rarely migrate out of their country of birth.
  10. Large towns grow more bymigration than by natural increase.
  11. Migration increases involume as industries and commerce develop and transport improves.
  12. The major direction of migration is from theagricultural areas to thecentres of industry and commerce.
  13. The major causes ofmigration are economic.