Past Case Study Questions


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Past Case Study Questions

  1. 1. Past Case Study Questions – Paper 2 Below is a list of the past case study questions for Paper 2, together with case study examples that we have studied. Remember in the exam, you will be asked to state what case study you have choosen for each case study question and where that case study is. Climate, the Environment and People Water, Landforms and People People and Place BrazilAmazon Rainforest, Equatorial Climate, BrazilUK Maritime Climate or BrazilRocinha, Rio de Janeiro, An ecosystem which Amazon Rainforest, Brazil From rainforest in Brazil A type of climate and Housing provision in a has been changed and Rural out-migration its effects on people city in an LEDC. how the changes have in an LEDC. Describe and the environment. Describe the housing affected people. the effects of this Describe the main provision in that city. 2008 Describe how the Tested in Paper 4 rural out-migration. features of the climate Explain how the ecosystem has been Explain why the type. Explain how it housing affects the changed. Explain the people migrated from affects people and the lives of the people effects of the the area. environment. who live there. changes on people. 2007Gloucestershire Floods, Niagara Falls, USA/Canada HeatwaveAnticyclone - UK Consequences of A weather event The effects of a flood changes in ecosystems. caused by high A River Landform. on people in an MEDC. Describe the main pressure. Describe Describe the main Describe how the flood features of this the weather event. features of the 2007 affected different Tested in Paper 4 ecosystem. Explain how Explain how the landform. Explain how groups of people. this ecosystem affects weather event the landform was Explain the causes of the lives of different affected people and formed. the flood. groups of people. the environment. WilmingtonCounter-urbanisation in A planning issue in a Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Gloucestershire Floods, 2007 town or city. Name an Niagara Falls, USA/Canada Population change A place that has been area in a town or city and how it affects affected by flooding. where changes to the A River Landform. people. Describe how Describe the effects environment have Describe the landform. the population is 2006 Tested in Paper 4 of flooding on people been planned. Explain how it was changing. Explain to and the environment. Describe the formed. what extent the Explain what caused changes. Explain the changes have the place to flood. effects of these affected the place. changes on different groups of people.
  2. 2. HoldernessDorset Coast - Old Harry Rocks (caves, arches and stacks) or Spurn Head Spit, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire or Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Hurricane Mitch, Central America or Great Storm, UK 1987 Changes to services in Wilmington village or Festival Park Coastal Defences along Holderness Coast An area where services have been An ecosystem and A landform created by Where people live in changed in an MEDC Amazon Rainforest, Brazil A weather event A coastal management climate. Describe the the work of the sea. a town or city. (rural or urban). caused by low scheme that protects plants and animals Describe how the Describe where Describe how the pressure. Describe the the coast from the found in this landform was created different groups of services in this area weather event. Explain action of the sea. 2005 ecosystem. Explain by the sea. Explain any people live in this have been changed. how the weather event Describe the scheme. how the plants and advantages and town or city. Explain Explain how affected different Explain why the animals are adapted disadvantages that the why different groups different groups of groups of people scheme was, or is, to the climate of this landform brings to the of people live in people and and/or organisations. necessary. ecosystem. area around it. these areas. organisations have gained or lost from these changes. Maritime Climate Equatorial Climate, Brazil or UK A type of climate. Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil A place that people An ecosystem that is Describe the main Improving services Amazon Rainforest, Brazil From rainforest in Brazil have migrated away being used in an features of this type (rural or urban). from. Describe the unsustainable way. of climate (refer to Describe how the factors that caused Describe how people or the whole year). services have been people to migrate 2004 organisations are using Explain how plants Tested in Paper 4 improved. Explain (refer to push and this ecosystem. Explain and wildlife or how these pull factors). Explain why this makes the different groups of improvements how the area they ecosystem people are affected affected different migrated away from unsustainable. by this type of groups of people. was affected. climate.
  3. 3. StormHigh - Anticyclone, UK. Low - Hurricane Mitch or Great A place where a serious Niagara Falls, USA/Canada (erosion) The effects of flood or a serious people on an drought has affected Gloucestershire Floods, 2007 A weather event Amazon Rainforest, Brazil ecosystem. Describe people and the A river landform caused by a high or the structure of the environment. Describe (erosion or deposition). low pressure system. ecosystem (Refer to how the flood or Describe how the river Describe how the plants and animals drought affected landform was created. 2003 weather event Tested in Paper 4 and draw a diagram if people and the Explain how the river affected people and you wish). Explain environment. Explain landform has been or is the environment. how and why people what people could do or being used by people Explain what caused are changing (or have have done to prevent and/or organisations. the weather event. changed) the the flood or drought ecosystem structure. affecting them in the future. TrentFestival Park, Etruria, Stoke-on- A scheme to change Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Hoover Dam, Colorado, USA Niagara Falls, USA/Canada the supply of water. A landform formed by Changes in a land-use A place from where Describe how the water action that or service. Describe people have supply of water was, or attracts people. how the land-use or migrated. Describe is being, changed by Describe what attracts service has changed. the place they 2002 Tested in Paper 4 people. Explain how the people to the landform. Explain how the migrated away from. changing water supply Explain how people's change has affected Explain why they is affecting, or will use of the landform different groups of moved. Refer to push affect, different brings advantages and people and the and pull factors groups of people and disadvantages. environment. organisations.