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FUTURE SHOCK: Marketing in An Era of Information Overload


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Presented by Geoffrey Colon of Microsoft.

In memoriam of Alvin Toffler, author of the book Future Shock (1971).

What is the scarcest resource in business? Is it ideas? The war for talent?

Or is it the battle for attention?

In this presentation learn from the author of Disruptive Marketing why brands need to be more immersive and act as curators of culture rather than customer heroes.

A.I.D.A. used to mean Attention, Interest, Decision, Action but it now means Attention, Insights, Distribution, Audience.

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FUTURE SHOCK: Marketing in An Era of Information Overload

  1. 1. MARKETING IN AN ERA OF INFORMATION OVERLOAD Geoffrey Colon – Culture Jammer @Microsoft @djgeoffe
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  3. 3. Having a concierge to run our weekly errands for $99 month. Hello Alfred. Ordering a healthy and delicious meal ready-to-eat under 7 minutes delivered at your door the next day. Hungryroot. Renting and returning designer dresses for special events. Rent the Runway. Sending you a box of razor blades every month that won’t make you cash poor. Dollar Shave Club
  4. 4. These Interests Amplify Best in a Physical World Shared Online…in a Digital World Is a Misnomer…”
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  6. 6. Family&Fun Professional 4+ years at Microsoft (longest job I’ve ever had!) 7 years in agency world 4 years running my own business (Creative Solutions Marketing Agency) 10 years in the Music Industry Professional DJ Interests: women in tech, netnography, social media, strategy, mobile technology, international travel, music production, DJing, reading, soccer (playing and watching), podcasting, fashion, art, music, politics, philosophy, yoga, cooking, running, boxing, MMA, cycling, Flywheel, swimming, physical conditioning, volunteering! Past Roles: landscaping, remote audio production assistant, radio sales, promotions manager, online educator, creative director, website developer, event director, agency entrepreneur, social strategist, client solutions director, vice president of digital strategy Personal Born in Bethlehem, PA Lehigh University alum Lived 20 years in Brooklyn, NY Married to “the” Allison Dunmire Two daughters: Olive & Matilda Kirkland, WA resident Serve on a non-profit board Bring design thinking to more small businesses Speak at more events, publish more books Become a Modern Renaissance Human Produce more AR content around music to help those with learning challenges