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Disruptive Content Marketing, Disciplined Results


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How can content marketing, when used in a disruptive manner, help build more word of mouth for your company? How is B2B tech using content marketing tactics to build new avenues of awareness? How does your company use search and social data to plan and measure your content marketing and lead generation activities?

Presented at Brand Innovators Content Marketing Seattle by Geoffrey Colon, Group Product Marketing Manager of Emerging Media at Microsoft

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Disruptive Content Marketing, Disciplined Results

  1. 1. Disruptive Content Marketing, Disciplined Results BRAND INNOVATORS SUMMIT Seattle, Washington Geoffrey Colon, Group Product Marketing Manager - @djgeoffe Microsoft
  2. 2. Contents • Think Like an Editor, Not a Marketer • Part I: Disruptive • The Question • The Theme • The Objectives • What is the Science of Your Customer? • Why Do People Like the Color of Artificially Flavored Junk Food? • What is the Most Disruptive Content Marketing? • Studying Cognitive Emotional Response in Communications • Part II: Disciplined • The 4 Factors of Disciplined Content Marketing • Real Time Context is Important • The KPIs of Content Marketing • Key Area Lifts from Content Marketing • Best Practices • Part III: Case Study
  3. 3. In an ever fragmenting media world, the question to ask yourself in the transforming world of media and marketing is: “How Do I Become Part of a Customer’s Day, Every Day?” Think less like a marketer, more like an Entertainer, Educator or Editor
  4. 4. Part I. Disruptive
  5. 5. The Question What do we mean by disruptive marketing? • Not necessarily harmful to other businesses • Disrupting how you internally think and execute marketing for your organization • Marketing is still treated as either 100% art or 100% science • Disruptive marketing approaches the problem using a 50/50 approach to providing a solution • Right brain equally powerful as the left brain • Analytics Drives Creative Solutions • Creative Solutions Drives Metrics • Metrics Determine Success, Pivots, Perseverance
  6. 6. The Theme: Test Q: How do I know if this will work? A: Run a Test! Q: How if I fail? A: You can only learn Track Q: How do I do this? A: Several KPIs will help you. There isn’t one finite measurement Q: Is it expensive? A: Most social platforms come with built-in analytics Measure Q: What is the most important metric? A: Right now engagement rate or interaction rate Q: Why? A: It’s a barometer if your targeted audience approves of your content
  7. 7. The Objectives: Brand Awareness Getting people to know who you are Getting people to know about your product Getting people re- acclimated toward your product Visits to your Owned Channels All content is tagged with a CTA Measurement is in site visitations / bounce rate Long term goal = conversions Social Discussion Around a Topic Is your content getting people to talk about a subject? Is it getting people to share a piece of content you created?
  8. 8. • Activities They Participate in • Brands They Purchase • Politics • Psychography • Netnography • Profession • Job Title • Industry • Interests • Age Range • Geographical Location • Languages Spoken • Gender • Education • Salary • Devices They Use • Entertainment They Enjoy What is the Science of Your Customer? Why do customers prefer some content over others?
  9. 9. Why Do People Like the Color of Artificially Flavored Junk food? Neuroscience has determined people like artificially colored junk food because it gives them a sensation and an emotional high when they see it and consume it. This same neuroscience has determined whether a pop song will be a hit. It also will determine whether your content will resonate
  10. 10. What is the Most Disruptive Content Marketing? The most disruptive content marketing goes beyond traditional brand research that has historically tracked on awareness and attitude and looks at non-conscious measures including: • Emotion • Passion • Personal Value • Logic • Reason
  11. 11. Studying Cognitive Emotional Response from Communications A 2013 study showed brain patterns that when a brand of product is revealed prior to sampling, a part of the brain associated with happiness is triggered if that sampling experience is positive. The test suggests emotional connections to brands dominate consumer purchase decisions. Even in B2B which often focuses on logic-based value, the use of emotion, colors, even music can be the differentiation factor that leads to success.
  12. 12. II. Disciplined
  13. 13. Search and Social Data Creative Insights Trending Topics Social CRM • Is the audience engaging with content? • What type of content performs best? • Are you using different types of creative for segmented audiences? • What are customers saying about your area of expertise? • What do customers say about your products? • What is your response time to customers on social? • The Science of Your Customer • APIs • Measuring Response • Bing Keyword Research Tool The 4 Factors of Disciplined Content Marketing • Twitter / Facebook • Google / Bing Searches • Capturing Mobile Search Mindshare using Bing Ads • News
  14. 14. Real Time Context Is Important Timeliness and immediacy plays heavily into content due to two factors: • Mobility of messaging (devices) • Speed of messaging (business success is made or broken on a combination of three factors communications, design and product technology performance. Note, it’s NOT just the product technology but how others, especially peers, talk about the product!) This is why brands try to newsjack around events. The issue? Those events are not always emotionally relevant to the customer because the brand messaging and customer NEUROSCIENCE do not align!!!!
  15. 15. The KPIs of Content Marketing Social Media Metrics Website Traffic Brand Awareness Lead Generation Sales ROI 93% 48% 53% 33% 27% 20% Real time and content marketing use softer KPIs like social media metrics and web traffic to measure success as compared to sales or Return on Investment (ROI). Although social media metrics are new and not yet definitely quantifiable as a metric, they are increasingly used in measurement.
  16. 16. Consumer Sentiment 16% Purchase Intent 14% Interest 18% Likelihood to Recommend 18% Seriously Consider Purchase 18% Key Area Lifts from Content Marketing
  17. 17. Algorithms Shift Don’t Build on Rented Land! Forget “Likes” and “Followers” Content Marketing: Best Practices Facebook and Twitter are closing their APIs more to third parties Limited data to inform the future Quantity doesn’t equal quality Scale makes it hard to identify advocates Organic reach is limited by social algorithms Know where your org has authority Map out a content and asset production plan Focus your content marketing in these areas Don’t be afraid to take a stand Create original content only Serve to customers at the contextually appropriate time Use the 4-1-1 rule: 4 pieces of entertaining/educational content, 1 piece of promo content, 1 piece of equity content. Short form, long form, visual, video
  18. 18. Part III: Case Study “What Does Your Audience Crave?” by Michelle Killebrew @shellkillebrew
  19. 19. InspirationWhat Did Our Audience Crave? How Did We Craft the UX to Delight the Audience? Content Marketing: A Case Study Thought Leadership Content Tailored to Their Role, Not a Product Interesting facts they can use right now Demonstrate leading edge web design and interface Content that shows, doesn’t tell – video, infographics, webinars What Content Did We Create for Our Audience? How Did We Track Measurement? Relevant, focused content Sprinkled with evergreen so it remains timeless Easy to share! Web analytics Social engagement rate Website based remarketing (AdWords/Bing Ads)
  20. 20. Thank you
  21. 21. Connect with Geoffrey: Web: Twitter: @djgeoffe LinkedIn: SlideShare: Tumblr: Podcast: Download the Spreaker app – “Disruptive FM” Book: “Disruptive Marketing, Disciplined Results” on AMACOM Books to be released January 2016
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