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What happens when you move the books out of the way?


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Gave this talk to a group at the Free Library of Philadelphia that convened to "Re-imagine Parkway Central". I talked about my experiences with Indy Hall, Ignite Philly, Bar Camp, etc.

The talk was also influenced by these blog posts I wrote in 2009:

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What happens when you move the books out of the way?

  1. 1. What happens whenwe move the books out of the way?
  2. 2. (or thoughts on supportingself-organizing communities)
  3. 3. Independents Hall
  4. 4. Clubhouse
  5. 5. Independents Hall
  6. 6. Accelerated Serendipity
  7. 7. Independents Hall
  8. 8. Independents Hall
  9. 9. Bar CampBar Camp Independents Hall
  10. 10. Independents Hall
  11. 11. Attendees lead the sessions
  12. 12. Peer learning
  13. 13. Mentoring
  14. 14. Apprenticing
  15. 15. Community of the Willing
  16. 16. Ignite Philly
  17. 17. Giving ideas light of day
  18. 18. Junto
  19. 19. Public Discussion
  20. 20. Ebay Reputation System (aka Peer Review)
  21. 21. Digg Voting Component
  22. 22. Room Reservation System(triggers an announcement to the community of people opted into the subject matter and goes on calendar of events)
  23. 23. Google Books Repository
  24. 24. WorldCat List & Notes (track your own progress)
  25. 25. Amazon Reviews
  26. 26. Facebook Profiles
  27. 27. Alternative University?
  28. 28. When broken down to its atomic components, theclassroom is an agreement between an instructorand a set of students. The instructor agrees to offerexpertise and mentorship, while the students offertheir attention and dedication.
  29. 29. The question now becomes what role, if any, theeducational institution plays in coordinating any ofthese components. Students can share their ratingsonline – why wouldn’t they also share theireducational goals? Once they’ve pooled theirgoals, what keeps them from recruiting their owninstructor, booking their own classroom, indeed,just doing it all themselves?
  30. 30. Community of the Willing
  31. 31. Encourage People to Get Together
  32. 32. Activating the Space