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Commercial Strategy In Practice Management


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Commercial Strategy In Practice Management

  2. 2. WHAT IS YOUR COMMERCIAL STRATEGY? How will you achieve it? Growth180160140120100 80 Growth 60 40 20 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  3. 3. LONG TERM COMMERCIAL STRATEGY• To Succeed• To Grow • Growing The• To Gain More Market Share Available Market• To Retain Patients • Increasing Profession• To Encourage Referral Efficacy Acceptance• To Capture New Patients • Increasing Profession Perception
  4. 4. These are concepts you need to think about These are concepts that may have a huge effect on your business moving forward
  5. 5. Your Future Lies In Your Existing Patients Your existing Patients hold the key to your business’s financial healthPatient Retention & Patient Referral StrategiesAre The Cheapest Manner Available To Solidify And Increase Your Market ShareThese Strategies Will Also Grow The Available Market Through Increase Of Efficacy Perception
  6. 6. HOW DO YOU PLAN TOACHIEVE YOUR LONG TERM STRATEGY ?All strategic planning goals will onlybe tactically deployed as well as thetools used to deploy them will allow
  7. 7. All Strategies Need Planning &Tools For Tactical Deployment Available Tools For Effective Practice Management
  8. 8. Proper Practice Management Is Key To On-going Success1. Customer Relationship Management2. Targeted And Well Defined Direct Mail3. Patient Journey Management4. Patient Engagement Strategies5. Auditing And Test Verification
  9. 9. CRMA Proper Customer Relationship Managerallows you to gather on-going intelligencein relation to your Patients and theirfamilies that can be used to engage themat an emotional level
  10. 10. CRMA well kept CRM system will allow you toundertake imaginative, targeted and welldefined mail marketing around not onlyyour Campaigns but also your Patientjourney.
  11. 11. CRMA well kept CRM system will allow you tokeep your Patient engaged for the longterm encouraging not only PatientRetention but also Customer referral
  12. 12. Patient Engagement Tools
  13. 13. The number of Patient engagementtools designed for our profession areincreasing everyday. Before youmove forward with any of thesetools, cover all your basics. Thenmove forward knowing that you arebuilding on a strong foundation.
  14. 14. The basicsIs your practice clean, tidy, well decorated,comfortable for your Patients?If you utilise displays or provided POS, arethey well displayed, are they clean, whenwas the last time you changed them?Is your practice and its staff welcoming?
  15. 15. Simply Put; Do You Leverage Your Practice ?Do you ensure that your practice environs sell you and add to the Patient experience ?
  16. 16. Your Web Presence• Is it a modern website?• Has it been re-designed in the last year?• Is it clean, clear, media rich with a regularly updated news section?
  17. 17. Be Innovative
  18. 18. Think Strategically
  19. 19. Manage Your Practice
  20. 20. Manage Your Patients
  21. 21. Engage YourPatients On AnEmotional Level
  22. 22. Thrive