Connecting the real world with your mobile - or how to ask "What's that?"


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Connecting the real world with your mobile - or how to ask "What's that?"

  1. Connecting the Real World With Your Mobile!<br />… or how to ask “what’s that?”<br />Geoff Ballinger<br /><br /><br />
  2. me<br />
  3. us<br />based on work at Edinburgh University<br />spun out in 2006 to commercialise mobile visual search<br />initial commercial marketing work with leading brands and agencies<br />now focussed on visual search for products<br />
  4. more us<br />Edinburgh<br />
  5. Your mobile is:<br />the little bit of the “internet” in your pocket wherever you are all the time<br />becoming a bridge between the “internet” and things around you in the real world<br />
  6. e.g. a retailer’s mobile app ...<br />Tesco “Groceries”<br />Launched yesterday<br />Top lifestyle app on iPhone!<br />Built by Ribot<br />Great integration!<br />BUT hard to find products!<br />
  7. e.g. price comparison ...<br />“How much can I save by not impulse purchasing now?”<br />quickly/easily identify the product<br />identify the specific product<br />discrete to use in store!<br />
  8. e.g. augmented reality ...<br />augments reality - overlay digital information onto the real world<br />typically on a camera viewfinder view<br />can be hard to produce a believable view<br />e.g. Layar<br />e.g. theodolite app<br />e.g. cityguides etc<br />
  9. e.g. brand marketing ...<br />mobile becoming a serious option<br />often combined with traditional media<br />needs to be inclusive<br />mustn’t be off-putting<br />
  10. “real people”<br />As Aral said in the keynote – “stay naive”<br />Real users are typically not like us ...<br />What is the user there to do?<br />Bar is set higher in mobile – less tolerant.<br />Objective is to build apps/services that real people want to and can use!<br />
  11. Confidence is everything!<br />
  12. 1D barcodes<br />On most products.<br />UPC/EAN codes.<br />BUT ...<br />Designed for laser scan – not imaging.<br />Some retailers have private systems.<br />Not user friendly!<br />
  13. how<br />able to overlay info in viewfinder?<br />platform capable of “scanning”?<br />close focus capability?<br />distortion across the frame?<br />inter-pixel effects<br />binarisedvs “fuzzy” reader<br />
  14. readers<br />( )<br />pic2shop / Vision Smarts<br />Google ZXing<br />
  15. Sccope<br />
  16. Sccope demo<br />
  17. 2D barcodes<br />Patent No. 6,999,573 31st Jan 2006<br />x<br />x<br />
  18. Visual Search<br />But ...<br />not every product has a barcode!<br />
  19. Visual Search<br />“What’s that?” ...<br />
  20. Visual Search<br />
  21. Who’s who<br />PixTo<br />
  22. Google<br />Google Goggles – general visual search<br />Google Shopper – visual price comparison<br />UI issue – what does the scanline mean?<br />
  23. Amazon<br />Amazon Remembers – snap a picture of the item<br />recognition of 2D media products<br />mechanical Turk style “recognition” of all other items<br />
  24. MA Demo<br />
  25. Visual AR<br />Specific and accurate placement of digital info into the video stream.<br />
  26. marketing<br />
  27. recognition<br />simplest use<br />replaces SMS keyword response<br />
  28. zoning<br />activation of Vodafone’s Champions League sponsorship<br />take penalties by taking a picture of where you want to aim the ball<br />send in by MMS to see whether you score or not<br />true user interaction<br />
  29. video<br />MMS darts<br />YouRockstar<br />
  30. Compass and GPS<br />location and orientation to deduce view<br />(accelerometer for finer movements)<br />many good AR and map based examples on iPhone and Android<br />
  31. Layar AR<br />
  32. but ...<br />... in Father Ted’s immortal words:<br />(Father Ted is demonstrating some plastic toy cows to Dougal)<br />“OK, one last time. These are small... but the ones out there are far away. Small... far away... ah forget it!” <br />
  33. tags<br />Some objects in the world have RFID tags<br />e.g. TOTeM “Remember Me”with Oxfam<br />NFC – tags + trust<br />c.f. swatch skipass and Oyster features<br />
  34. Summary<br />Linking the internet into the real world via your mobile using:<br />barcodes<br />visual recognition<br />compass and GPS<br />tags<br />The Internet of Things?<br />
  35. What we can provide!<br />class leading 1D barcode reader<br />visual indexing and search over databases of up to 10 million 2D images<br />3D indexing and visual search working now and will be launched in 2011<br />
  36. Thanks for listening!<br />Geoff Ballinger<br /><br /><br /><br />@geoffballinger<br />