BarCampScotland: What Is Visual Interactivity?


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My BarCampScotland presentation on Visual Interactivity

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BarCampScotland: What Is Visual Interactivity?

  1. 1. What is this thing called: ??? … or mobile interactive services for normal people
  2. 2. Overview what is the problem? • some real world motivation • some fun examples • the future … •
  3. 3. Survey … • how many people here: – use a mobile phone for voice calls? – have sent a message from their phone? – have a camera on their phone? – have used the camera on their phone? – have visited a website from their phone? – have downloaded an app or a game? • what do you think the answers would be for the typical “normob” on the street? x x x x x x x
  4. 4. Brand Marketing mobile becoming a serious option • often combined with traditional media • needs to be inclusive • mustn’t be off-putting • • actually all of this can be said in general about good mobile services … x
  5. 5. The Camera • … has now arrived:
  6. 6. 2D bar codes Patent No. 6,999,573 31st Jan 2006 x x
  7. 7. Some dull stats • in 2008, 166.6m handsets (Western Europe) are registered as MMS-enabled. That is a 95% penetration! • over 90% of all handsets currently being sold have a cameraphone. • in the 11-19 demographic 53% regularly use picture messaging, with 85% having used it at least once.* • in the 16-34 demographic 78% have used picture messaging with 48% using it regularly. * Source TGI Youth Q2 2008 x x x x
  8. 8. Recognition • The simplest form of interactivity • Replaces SMS and keywords etc. • But have to ask why bother … • … large number of media which can’t necessarily be adapted? x x x x x
  9. 9. Image Zoning • activation of Vodafone’s Champions League sponsorship • take penalties by taking a picture of where you want to aim the ball • send in by MMS to see whether you score or not • true user interaction
  10. 10. Aim with your camera phone See the outcome in your web browser x
  11. 11. Colour • Nike PhotoiD by AKQA is a great example
  12. 12. Blue-screen • run as part of the Vodafone Live! Music Awards • think blackpool beach – users stick their heads through the display • picture sent in by MMS, heads cut out, and incorporated into a music video
  13. 13. Snap your mates on a camera phone See them in a personalised video x
  14. 14. Facefinder • Think bluescreen without the screen • Automatic detection and extraction of the faces in any image. • Much more suitable for viral apps. • Currently all face-like features: • In future will distinguish between these and real faces x
  15. 15. The Future Engaging a Mobile 2D media 3D products Generation Connecting to Live Events Easy Access to Information • General Visual Search?
  16. 16. Summary