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Rail BIM Summit


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Presented at Rail BIM Summit, London, UK
10 Nov 2015

Published in: Engineering
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Rail BIM Summit

  1. 1. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd ARE WE BIM READY? Rail BIM Summit 10 Nov 2015 | London, UK Steven Eglinton Director, GeoEnable Lead Tutor, BIM Enable
  2. 2. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd HELLOI’m Steven. I am an Information Management Consultant …with 10 years in the Rail and Asset Management
  3. 3. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd RELATIVE ROLES Steven Eglinton BSc (Hons), FBCS, FBCart.S, MIoD, MPWI • Committee Member of BIM 4 Infrastructure (UK) & Survey 4 BIM • Director of GeoEnable, an Information Management Consultancy • BIM Tutor – Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE), Supply Chain Academy & others • Chair, Business Information Systems SG – British Computer Society (BCS) • Chair, Asset Management SIG – Association for Geographic Information (AGI)
  4. 4. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd IT’S WHOLE LIFE HAVE YOU READ ISO 55000?
  5. 5. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd ASSET SPEND PROFILE CAPEX, OPEX AND TOTEX Image Credit: Institute of Asset Management
  6. 6. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd COLLABORATION
  7. 7. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd INTEGRATION • Between systems • Between data formats • Between organisations • Between disciplines • Between different roles • Between PEOPLE
  8. 8. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd ADDING VALUE Knowledge Intelligence Information Data
  9. 9. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd WE STILL NEED PEOPLE BIM - IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT THE TECH BIM People Shared View Tech / Tools Data Process Org Change Reduce Costs Reduce Risks Increase Value Increase Trust
  10. 10. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd CROSS-DISCIPLINE COLLABORATION
  11. 11. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd INDUSTRY JARGON Shapefiles Dangling segments Link-node models Projections Vector Raster Joins and Links Points Polylines Polygons Vertices Buffering GeoProcesses Dissolve Merge Union Spatial Join Models Dynamic segmentation GeoCoding GIS Self-intersecting Polygons Doughnut Polygon?
  12. 12. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd BIM MY FOCUS Training and Skills Cross-sector collaboration Information Management Supply Chain Knowledge Management
  13. 13. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd THE CHALLENGES Knowledge Transfer • Business continuity • Resilience – infra / people • How to we mitigate the risks? • How do we ensure knowledge transfer from people leaving • How do we capture tacit knowledge? • With collaboration - how do we manage security?
  14. 14. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd UP-SKILLING • Identify the skills gaps – now and future • Focused upskilling • Blended skills, blended roles • Look at Org and supply chain competencies • Embed innovation • Embed continuous improvement • Put people first – these are our most valuable asset
  15. 15. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd TAKE TIME TO UNDERSTAND… • The purpose and intent of Government BIM Level 2 Mandate • The standards: BS/PAS 1192 suite & ISO 55000 • Other sectors – what is working, what is not? • The ‘language’ / jargon of others • The whole asset lifecycle (inc. whole Supply Chain) • The benefits of embedding Continuous Improvement • Information in itself is an Asset – with a lifecycle • How do we get existing Information Managers involved?
  16. 16. Steven Eglinton – GeoEnable Ltd THANK YOU