Geo-Enabling Collaboration for Construction


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First presented at The Esri UK Annual Conference 2013, 21st May 2013, London, UK.

Geo-Enabling Collaboration for Construction
Steven Eglinton, GeoEnable, with Lily Wydra, Argent (Property Development) Services

With a case study of the King’s Cross Central development, this presentation will discuss the implications of emergent Cloud-based GIS and interfaces that allow non-GIS professionals to create, maintain and share controlled geospatial informational and what the ramification of these technologies are for current and future GIS Professionals.

This presentation will explore how Business Process Management (BPM) should lead geospatial and wider Information Management (IM) practices and will discuss how location information is rapidly becoming part of mainstream ICT and the Web empowering the vision of a Geo-Enabled Cloud.

Argent’s GIS Manager, will demonstrate how ArcGIS Online for Organizations is being used on the King’s Cross Central development, to enable business-wide communication and collaboration, enabled by the new geospatial platform.

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Geo-Enabling Collaboration for Construction

  1. 1. Argent King’s Cross GIS: Location-Based Decision-Making Esri UK Annual Conference 2013 21 May 2013, London Steven Eglinton Director, GeoEnable Lily Wydra GIS Manager, Argent (Property Development) Services
  2. 2. Agenda 2  Overview to GeoEnable and King’s Cross  Overview of how GeoEnable introduced ArcGIS Online into the King’s Cross project  Live demonstration of King’s Cross GIS (ArcGIS Online)  Future of GIS and IM at King’s Cross  Opportunities for change (that GeoEnable see)
  3. 3. King’s Cross 3
  4. 4. King’s Cross 4
  5. 5. King’s Cross 5
  6. 6. King’s Cross 6
  7. 7. King’s Cross 7 "The King's Cross project is the largest area of urban redevelopment in Europe and it will include the largest new street in London since Kingsway in 1904; the largest public square since Trafalgar Square in 1845.” Richard Godwin Evening Standard Magazine  An extraordinary part of London is taking shape  50 new buildings, 2 000 new homes, 20 new streets, 10 new public squares, 67 acres (27 ha) , 45 000 people who live, work and study in the area  Read more:
  8. 8. King’s Cross, Argent and GeoEnable 8  The King’s Cross development is being led by Argent *  GeoEnable are Argent’s GIS / Geospatial Information Consultant  GeoEnable scoped, planned, implemented and embedded ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Desktop for the King’s Cross development  GeoEnable continues to works with Argent to continually improve and innovate Geospatial and GIS capabilities *Argent (Property Development) Services LLP, formerly Argent Estates Ltd
  9. 9. Who are GeoEnable? 9  “At GeoEnable we help you unlock your geospatial and location information as part of workflows and efficient business processes.”  We democratise location information by embedding location technologies  We are UK-based, working with partners in the USA, Brazil and Globally  We are part of the Esri Partner Network and Esri Developer Network  Our UK and EMEA Director is Steven Eglinton
  10. 10. Why does King’s Cross need a GIS?  Communication & Collaboration on projects  Stakeholder and contractor engagement  Time savings for finding, re-use and sharing of data (surveys, CAD, GIS)  Visualising and mapping non-spatial information  Providing context to projects and disparate data layers  Reduce duplication of effort  Compliance / Hand-over: CDM Regulations, H&S etc  Aligns with Building Information Modelling (BIM)  Provide mobile mapping 10
  11. 11. Vision for King’s Cross GIS 11 GeoEnable defined a vision and strategy: “King’s Cross GIS: Supporting informed, data-driven decision making – with easy-to-use, standardised, streamlined and integrated information” “Everything happens somewhere”
  12. 12. Before - Legacy GIS with No Process 12 SOURCE DATA CREATE GIS PUBLISH USE
  13. 13. Read-write in the field Now - An Integrated Geospatial Platform 13 ArcGIS Online Hosted Geo-Data and Web GIS Links to other systems Read-only in the office Read-write in the office GIS Desktop GIS Project Management Documents Photo Library Process-Driven
  14. 14. We needed people to ‘Think Information’, Not Just Maps! 14 GIS Products Plans and Maps Asset Management Reports Business Plan Bidding Material
  15. 15. What is Location Intelligence? “The integration of Geospatial information & technologies with business information, creating location-aware Business Intelligence to enable decision-support.” Steven Eglinton, GeoEnable 15  This is an easier term to communicate to non-GIS professionals  Synonyms: Geospatial BI (GeoBI) and Location Analytics  Focus on visualisation – dashboards, KPIs, maps, diagrams  But, will not address business-wide process integration and geospatial data interoperability. We still need a ‘road map’.
  16. 16. Example Process - Project Progress 16 Create & Validate MANAGE & SHARE Validate & Check Deep Thought King's Cross Project and Cost Reporting Database GIS Manager Master Plan Cost Plan (MPCP): • Buildings • Infrastructure GIS GIS ‘Shapes’ CAD Manager OK Whole Business Fail
  17. 17. Live Demonstration
  18. 18. GIS 18
  19. 19. Information Management (IM) for GIS 19 Information Management activity must lead GIS activity All information (data) must have owners & custodians Information needed to inform business decisions Information forms the cornerstone for collaboration Information needs to be seen as an asset ‘Single Source of Truth’ 1 2 3 4 5 6
  20. 20. Information as an Asset 20 Asset (Land) Development Development Project Project Project Asset (Building) Asset (Estate) Asset (Utilities) Asset (Information)
  21. 21. Information as an Asset - Example 21 King’s Cross Estate B2 Office ArtHouse Plot B2 Remediation Contract 1 Zone B shared basement Asset (Building) Asset (Estate) Asset (Utilities) Asset (Information)
  22. 22. Tools to help Decision-Making 22 Data Environments BIM Record Management Policy Document Management / Contact Management / Internal Communications Project Information System (‘Deep Thought’) GIS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  23. 23. Information Systems 23 CONSUMER ENVIRONMENT (tenants, public, local community, 10,000’s users) BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT (Argent internal staff, ~100 users) BIM/ BIW DESIGN / CONSTRUCTION / OPERATION ENVIRONMENT (Consultants, contractors, facilities managers – 1,000’s of users) Argent’s Record Management Policy Document & contact management, messaging & internal comms (SharePoint/CRM/Lync replacing Workspace, L-drive etc) Deep Thought GIS system Single intranet/portal Accounts systems HR systems Public sites Password protected sites King’s Cross specific systems Argent’s BIM Implementati on Plans KX External Consultants (Davis Langdon, Allies & Morrison, CBRE)
  24. 24. Mobile Maps 24
  25. 25. Development – B2 Office Development Building B2, Pancras Square Office 25 Development Owner: Primary Deal/s: Secondary Deal/s: Primary Project/s: Secondary Project/s: Related Project/s: Mr. A. N. Other Eurohypo Funding Agreement Tenant A, Tenant B… Plot B2 (PO = Phil S) Remediation Contract 1 (PO = Chris S) Zone B basement (PO = Phil S) LUL Subway (PO = Phil S) Pancras Square (PO = Phil S) GH No. 8 Re-erection (PO = Morwenna W) Remediation Contract 2 (PO = Chris S)
  26. 26. Maps for Office and SharePoint Esri Maps for Office 26 Esri Maps for SharePoint  Excel add-in  PowerPoint add-in  Integration with document management  Allows workflow definition and compliance  Automated user log-in
  27. 27. Opportunities for Change 27  GeoWeb / Cloud GIS  Standards for Web Services - e.g. OGC  Mainstream Location Information  Automated Business Processes / BPM / Innovation  Geospatial Convergence – CAD, survey, GIS, BIM  BIM – Building Information Modelling  Sensor Web / Smart Networks  Open Data  Personal experience and expectation
  28. 28. Please contact us: Partners / Associates: