Where is Hengistbury Head and what is it like?


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GCSE Geography OCR B controlled assessment on coasts at Hengistbury Head Dorset

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Where is Hengistbury Head and what is it like?

  1. 1. WHAT DOES A HIGH QUALITY CONTROLLED ASSESSMENT NEED TO DO / NOT DO? Do Now Write down your Top 5 tips for YOUR target grade
  2. 2. Where is Hengistbury Head and what is it like? Background and context
  3. 3. What makes an excellent location map? Land use quiz. For the following 10 images – list the main land-use. For extra points, see if you can locate the place on your map.
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  14. 14. Where is Hengistbury Head and what is it like? Using research: 1. Describe the location of Hengistbury Head in words. 2. Use Google Earth satellite and Bing Maps (OS layer) to see if there is any evidence to answer your key questions. Make adjustments.
  15. 15. Introduction Maps Your maps must: • Use two different types of map : Ordnance Survey (OS map) AND Google Earth satellite map • Show the location of the study site – where is Hengistbury Head? • Describe the area in detail – For example, geology, existing sea defences, names of the landforms and processes (Headland, Spit, Mudeford Spit created by Longshore drift and used for…. ; The beach huts rent for £950 per week (source) • Identify some key land uses & any distinctive features • Link to your introduction / key questions • Link to theory (e.g. longshore drift, erosion, etc,.) • You could (for extra marks) – Include images within your map – Provide some analysis of the features – Include secondary data – e.g. the importance of the a landform in stopping coastal flooding of Christchurch, cost of sea defences – Start a bibliography of source information Aim for detailed annotations per map and must be printed out.
  16. 16. Map 1: Ordnance Survey Map showing location details of Hengistbury Head Key: This area is already heavily defended with rock groynes which attempt to reduce the movement of beach material along the shore caused by longshore drift Mudeford Spit has been created by longshore drift and is a landform of deposition. It is mainly used for beach huts as seen in Photo A. The spit is important for tourism.Photo A