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Self Review of Settlement


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Self Review of Settlement

  1. 1. Settlement<br />Student’s nameClassDate<br />Now I’ve reached the end of the Settlement unit:<br />YesThink soNoI can explain the reasons for settlements locating in particular sitesI can name a local settlement and give reasons what location advantages it has -PortsmouthI can explain the spheres of influence  I can describe and explain the land use models for MEDC’s cities of Hoyt and Burgess I can give reasons for the patterns of land use in citiesI can describe and draw a diagram to show the settlement hierarchy for my local area (Hamlet, village, town, city)I can describe the housing in Gunwharf and the positive and negative impacts of the redevelopment. I can name a sustainable settlement, identify its sustainable features and explain how it is sustainable. Greenwich Millennium VillageI can explain how land use is changing within cities using the example of Portsmouth - Gunwharf.I can explain why urbanization is happening in LEDC’s. I can give push and pull factors.I can explain the impacts of urbanization in LEDC citiesI can explain the features of shanty towns and the advantages and disadvantages I can identify different methods to tackle transport issues in cities.I can explain what counter-urbanisation is, its causes and effects. I can identify and give reasons for the types of goods and retail services found in urban and rural settlementsI can explain the reasons for town centre declineI can show how retail provision changes over time through my case study on Portsmouth. <br />I can explain what these terms mean:<br />Clone town  Urbanization  Counter- Urbanization  shanty town  push/ pull factor suburb <br /> <br />Urban Sprawl Settlement  Rural  CBD Infrastructure convenience goods <br />The parts of this topic that I need to revisit are:<br />