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  • Development Indicators cards (the images from next slides are on a separate ppt)
  • Recap on what is development

    1. 1.  Please go through your book / mock, consider my comments & reply to them.  Choose a target from below and write in the ‘What to do next’ box of the WWW stamp  Correctly answer exam style answers using Point, Evidence, Explain, Link  Use connectives appropriately to develop my points  Avoid the use of banned words, using geographical terms instead  Make links between concepts & theory  Accurately use keyterms to explain
    2. 2. For examination May 22nd 2014
    3. 3. Countdown
    4. 4. Then take away weekends & holidays….. ….122 days in school before the exam…. ….or just 82 hours of Geography
    5. 5. For examination May 22nd 2014
    6. 6. What does the term ‘development’ mean?
    7. 7. MEDC or LEDC – How do we decide? MEDC – More Economically Developed Country - wealthier LEDC – Less Economically Developed Country - poorer What features/characteristics would you expect each to have / not have?
    8. 8. MEDC or LEDC? – Make a guess. Write down your choice & your proof
    9. 9. MEDC or LEDC – How do we decide? What problems did you come across when attempting to decide whether a picture represented an MEDC or LEDC? Need to use DATA!!! PROVE IT
    10. 10. 1. GDP $ per capita (average income per person per year) 2. HDI (human development index) 3. Access to doctor 4. Birth Rate 5. Death Rate 6. Literacy 7. Life expectancy 8. Access to technology etc.
    11. 11. Key Terms reminder Standard of Living: Quality of Life: Human Development Index (HDI): A measure of how happy and content people are with their lives, considers not just money but other factors like education + healthcare How well-off a person or country is, focusing purely on economic factors – income and jobs A statistic used to rank countries by level of "human development“, taking into account a country’s GDP (wealth), Education and Life
    12. 12. If you were measuring how developed a country is, which factors would you consider more important? Which factors are the best indicators?
    13. 13. Is it economic?
    14. 14. Is it communications?
    15. 15. Interdependence… global links?
    16. 16. Trade?
    17. 17. Is it about population size?
    18. 18. Birth rate?
    19. 19. Poverty?
    20. 20. Quality of life?
    21. 21. Access to Healthcare?
    22. 22. Access to Human rights?
    23. 23. Law & justice?
    24. 24. Access to Education?
    25. 25. Culture & Identity?
    26. 26. Political stability?
    27. 27. Right to vote?
    28. 28. Environmental quality?
    29. 29. Sustainability?
    30. 30. So, what do you think? 1. I would measure how developed a country is by considering…………. 2. Some factors such as………….may be more important because they show……. 3. I would expect a ‘developed’ country to be……and to have……because…….
    31. 31. youtube
    32. 32. Watch the world change from those earning less than $1 a day to those on $200 a day  ome_animation.html
    33. 33. 2 x sheets on development indicators
    34. 34. Measures of Development The total of all money produced per year by a country’s workers The percentage of people in the country employed in primary occupations The average number of years a person can expect to live Number of patients divided by the number of doctors The amount of energy which each person in the country uses per year The number of deaths per year per 1000 people The wealth shared out equally among all the people of a country Number of adults who can read and write in every 100 people The number of children per year out of every 1000 born alive that die before they reach the age of one Number of kilocalories (kcals) each person in the country takes in each day The number of births per year per 1000 people Primary Employment; Birth Rate; Infant Mortality; Life Expectancy; GDP; Death Rate; Energy Per Person; Food Intake; GDP per capita; Literacy Rate; People per doctor Economic Social
    35. 35. Describe & explain which indicator you think is best for measuring development [3marks] Suggest two ways that an MEDC is different to an LEDC [2marks]
    36. 36. Knowledge Check 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    37. 37. 1 What does $GDP per Capita mean?
    38. 38. 2 Give three reasons why an MEDC such as the UK has such a low Birth Rate
    39. 39. 3 MEDC or LEDC, and give a reason
    40. 40. 4 Give three reasons why some LEDCs have high death rates.
    41. 41. 5 MEDC or LEDC and give a reason
    42. 42. 6 Give two reasons why Adult Literacy rates are low in some LEDC countries
    43. 43. 7 Explain why many people in LEDC countries work in primary employment like agriculture.
    44. 44. 8Give three reasons why birth rates in some LEDC countries are so high.
    45. 45. 9 Give two reasons why measuring the % of a population who own a mobile phone is a good indicator of development
    46. 46. Yes! I have understood fully and can confidently use the key terms I get most of it, but I’m sometimes unsure when to use the keywords Help! I don’t understand it!