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Gcse success!


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Gcse success!

  1. 1. GCSE SUCCESS!What skills do I need for the final exam?
  2. 2. • Annotate Describe State• Compare Discuss Refer to evidence• Complete Explain Refer to an example• Contrast Identify Factors• Define Study Command word bingo
  3. 3. • Complete the entire section• Total marks 25• Anyone wishing to sit Higher should be getting +18/25Mock test
  4. 4. • Case study consequences• Think: So What?Consequences
  5. 5. A Reaching the summit of GCSE Geography CWide range of scales.Accurate geographical People and place acrossvocabulary. different scales.Wide range ofgeographical concepts. Choose a target to Use geographical vocabulary.Understand complex aim for & writerelationships. down Knowledge of some concepts in a variety ofIdentify and evaluatecurrent issues. contexts.Informed geographicaldecisions. Understand relationships betweenUnderstand a future that people and sustainable.Wide range of relevant Make decisions that areskills. supported by reasons, including sustainable approaches.Investigateindependently. Select and use a varietyCollect a range of of skills.evidence from a widerange of sources. Identify questions andAnalyse and critically issues.evaluate information. Collect and recordReflect on the limitations appropriate evidenceof evidence. from different sources.Identify bias. Analyse and interpret evidence.Substantiated and Recognise someappropriate conclusions. limitations of evidenceIdentify relevant Make plausiblequestions. F conclusions. limited understanding everyday language basic conclusions simple physical and human processes simple relationships between people and the environment simple reasons and evidence limited number of techniques and technologies limited evidence