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Data collection grid


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Data collection grid

  1. 1. Data Collection Grid
  2. 2. Secondary Primary Use of Data Data Technology
  3. 3. Support material reminder Type in ‘Hengistbury Head’ into the search box
  4. 4. Support material reminder Type in ‘Hengistbury Head’ into the search box or use the Tag Cloud
  5. 5. Data All in bypresentation 1st June
  6. 6. Progress Check 1. How much have I got left to do? Check the progress grid. Set yourself deadlines. 2. Set a target: (Total CA marks out of 60) 1. 50+ marks A 2. 40+ Marks B 3. 35+ Marks C 3. Examine the mark scheme. What do you need to do?
  7. 7. High control – the method grid
  8. 8. Taken from Include your These two sections allow youIntroduction sampling to gain analysis marks so are planning strategy very important. sheet Key Method Description Importance of Problems / Possible question Data Limitations developmentAre Sediment An area of beach • Important for • Sample was quite • A larger samplegeomorphic sampling was sampled at showing how small considering the would allowprocesses random to look sediment changes in size of the area better conclusionsaffecting the at sediment size different areas • It was hard to be to be made.environment and shape. • Important to show if accurate •Collect data onat H.Head? Quadrats were erosion is occuring • The wind made different areas of thrown at sampling difficult the whole beach / random over the spit to give a beach and then • It wasn’t very scientific, we just used clearer picture. sediment was • Measure the analysed to our eyes sediment determine how accurately many pebbles of different sizes / shapes exist. Include Why do you need this Technology, s data in order to answer econdary your key question? data, etc
  9. 9. Example layout