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Mike Saunt: Inspiring the Cloud with Open Source


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Mike Saunt: Inspiring the Cloud with Open Source

  1. 1. Inspiring the Cloud with Open Source Mike Saunt
  2. 2. None of these
  3. 3. But maybe some like these
  4. 4. Setting the Scene Cloud Computing INSPIRE Open Source
  5. 5. Time waits for no man... (or woman) (5 years ago) July 2004 – Inspire proposal submitted Barack Obama elected to the US senate YouTube didn't exist! (3 years ago) 2006 – Time left to implement by 2013 Open Source GeoSpatial Foundation started YouTube bought by Google for 1.6 billion dollars.
  6. 6. Inspire problems so far?
  7. 7. Spot the Open Source
  8. 9. Distributed model in use
  9. 10. Cloud Computing
  10. 11. All done! Thanks for your time [email_address] http:// @skepticmike