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Syma Remote Control s107 Reviews


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Syma Remote Control s107 Reviews

  1. 1. ==== ====Syma Helicopters Top Reviews ====The Syma S107G is a lightweight and small RC helicopter which is equipped with ultra wideinfrared control for indoor flying. This miniature helicopter will fit in your palm easily thanks to itssmall design. Although small, the Syma S107G is equipped with the latest and most innovativeGyroscope technology for automatic stable flying, making it one of the fastest selling RChelicopters worldwide.There is no assembly required, you just have to take the helicopter out of the box and it is ready touse. The dimensions of the RC helicopter are 7.5 inches (L) x 7.5 inches (W) x 3.8 inches (H)while the diameter of its main rotors surface diameter measures 7.5 inches. With around 34 gramsof weight, the Syma S107G can only be played indoors with approximate flying height of 30 feet.Due to its light weight, it is impossible for the RC helicopter to be played under natural obstaclessuch as heavy wind or rain. The controller enables you to fly the copter in any direction: up, down,left, right, forward and backward. It has an alignment trim, a right-left lever, a charging and powerindicator, and trimmer.The Syma S107G uses six rechargeable 3.7 V- 180 MAH LI-POLY AA batteries. For 25-30minutes of charging, the helicopter can fly up to 12 minutes. The helicopter can be charged eitherfrom the controller or USB cable. The batteries used in the controller are approved by the FCC,ASTM, CE, and ROHS as environment friendly.Latest version of Syma S107G released in 2010 is equipped with a 4 in 1 infrared receiver.Besides the Gyro technology, it is also equipped with the ESC, Mixer, and Receiver features. Theframe is contructed of aluminum and the canopy features a detailed design. Despite its small size,the RC helicopter is also very durable. Since the frame is made of aluminum, it is almostindestructible even when you crash it, hence it suitable for beginners.The recommended age is 14 years and above. Children under 3 years old are not suggested toplay with the toy as it contains small parts which may cause choking.The Syma S107G miniature helicopter is available in three color options; blue, red, and yellow.You can purchase each separately or in bundle. You can get one for as low as $19 (price mayvary between retailers). Be very careful when purchasing the toy since there imitation versions ofthe helicopter sold.The Syma S107G is one of the smallest model helicopter manufactured by Syma Toy Company.Find out about this product from Syma by following the link given.
  2. 2. Article Source: ====Syma Helicopters Top Reviews ====