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Population distribution and density it notes


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Population distribution and density it notes

  1. 1.  It is the .
  2. 2.  What is Population Density? It is the . How to find Population Density? It is done by using this formula:
  3. 3.  Most of the Bruneians live in Brunei-Muara District. Source:
  4. 4.  The land is flat so it is easy to build roads, industries, houses and settlements (figure 1.1) It has good temperature with high rainfall suitable for cultivating crops (figure 1.2) It is a centre of economic development where it provides most entertainment and shopping complexes.
  5. 5.  Area in Temburong district is difficult to live in as most of the land is flat and too high Most of Temburong, Belait and Tutong districts are covered with thick forest which is difficult to build roads and settlement. Areas in Temburong and Tutong districts do not offer many jobs, entertainment and facilities due to less development.