How to Do Tai Chi & Qigong


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?How to Do Tai Chi & Qigong As people become moreand more interested in seeking balance in their li...

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How to Do Tai Chi & Qigong

  1. 1. How to Do Tai Chi & Qigong ?How to Do Tai Chi & Qigong As people become moreand more interested in seeking balance in their lives, internet searches suchas What is Qigong? Tai Chi and Qigong make a great pair. Tai Chi is a practice that involves aseries of postures and movements. People who learn how to do Tai Chi improvetheir muscular strength, as well as their balance and flexibility. For peoplewho are curious about what is qigong, it is a practice that mainly focuses onthe internal body. People practice strategies that produce balance and innerpeace along with peace with others. It balances the yin and the yang and givesparticipants a sense of calmness. Together, Tai Chi and Qigong work both theexternal physical body and the internal body. Both Tai Chi and Qigong createharmony for the people that learn how to do Tai Chi and Qigong. For people whoare asking, What is Qigong? It is a breathing practice that is rooted inChinese literature. It was created thousands of years ago. When people askWhat is Qigong? It involves sitting meditation. Participants sit on chairs or cushionson the floor and they cover their feet and legs with some form of cloth inorder to keep their lower body warm. Normally soft music is playing in thebackground. The sessions of TaiChi and Qigong vary from place to place but are normally about 45 minutes. Forboth Tai Chi and Qigong courses it is important to wear loose and comfortableclothing and flat shoes. It is not recommended that people participants takeTai Chi and Qigong classes barefoot.
  2. 2. People can different preferences in terms of how many Tai Chi and Qigongclasses that they take per week. Some students only take Tai Chi and Qigongclasses once per week but it is recommended that they take the classes twiceper week. Very dedicated student typically take classes three times per week toperfect their practice and maintain their internal state of harmony and innerpeace all throughout the week. Students should always try to arrive a fewminutes early to the Tai Chi and Qigong classes to have time to relax and getphysically and mentally prepared for the practice. When people learn how to doTai Chi they often start the class with strengthening exercises, stretching,and warm-up activities. The participants that want to learn how to do Tai Chiare often separated by level and practice postures that are fitting for theirskill set. People who want to know What is Qigong? There are a variety of sources forinformation and there are many facilities all over the US that offer courses inboth Tai Chi and Qigong. Depending on location, it may take varying amounts oftime to find courses, but they are possible to encounter will a little bit ofresearch.