Health Benefits of Qigong Some Tips


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?Health Benefits of Qigong - Some Tips Qigong or chi kung is an aspect of traditional Chinese medic...

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Health Benefits of Qigong Some Tips

  1. 1. Health Benefits of Qigong Some Tips ?Health Benefits of Qigong - Some Tips Qigong or chi kung is an aspect of traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong is exercise and meditation that makes the mind and spirit tranquil, improves performance in sports, and cultivates health, wellbeing, and long life. It is based on repetitions of very precise sets of movements, specifically designed to benefit health on many different levels. Qigong has been used throughout many different societies as a major benefit in increasing the flow of energy to heal and cure the body. Qigong is a form of alternative treatment that comes from traditional Chinese medicine. The word means to develop and refine one's vitality and life force. Related Articles Why Qigong Exercises Are Better Than Tai Chi What is the Difference Between Yoga and Qigong? Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Basic Understanding A Little Qigong Anyone? Qigong involves gentle exercises that combine physical movements, deep breathing, and mental focus to certain parts of the body. Qigong harnesses the power of the True Source and helps spiritual growth, regardless of faith or beliefs. Qigong improves the motion of blood, warms the blood and enhances whole body circulation. Qigong stimulates appetite, sexual function, assimulation of nutrients, and digestion/elimination. Qigong accelerates metabolism, weight Loss, and decreases need for sleep. Qigong bolsters your Immune System by reducing Cortisol, a known inhibitor of cytokine production. Qigong improves dexterity, reflexes, and prevents osteoporsis in clinical studies. The Qi draws the focus and trains the mind. Qigong helps us to calm down, relax, and become more peaceful. Qigong exercises provide oxygen to tissues and opens the pathways that carry energy and increases blood flow throughout the body. It also balances what is known as yin and yang, the contraction and expansion of energy throughout the body. Some parts of the exercise involve moving the arms, while other exercises include sitting still. This type of Qigong exercise is very beneficial to the body's vitality and overall condition. One of the easiest exercises included in Qigong is to sit in a relax position, usually Indian style, with a direct posture. Closing the eyes, concentrating on your abdomen, and breathing deeply through the nose allows a healing energy to flow through the body. Qigong is great for cold hands and feet. Circulation improves, and the body generates more internal warmth when it is cold. Qigong emphasizes the whole body, whole system health.
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