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Health And Wellness


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?Health And Wellness Wellness refers to a healthy balance of Mind, Body and Spirit resulting in a f...

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Health And Wellness

  1. 1. Health And Wellness ?Health And Wellness Wellness refers to a healthy balance of Mind, Body and Spirit resulting in a feeling of well-being. Health and Wellness emphasize on a state of entire being and its ongoing development. Natural Treatment involves natural methods to treat, avoiding any form of conventional medicine. Natural Healing often referred to as alternative, complementary or integrative medicine, covers healing philosophies that focus on treating the root cause of a disease symptom. A Holistic Healer works on the pretext that a discomfort is due to some kind of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual imbalance. He or she helps the body in healing itself by providing alternative natural health remedies, referred to as Holistic Healing. Alternative Medicine involves therapies which are a substitute to conventional medical treatments. Complementary Medicine involves therapies used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments. Naturopathy, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, prayer, mental healing, art, music and dance therapy, herbs, vitamins, dietary supplements, natural substances, chiropractic, osteopathic manipulation and massage, therapies that use energy fields like Bio-field therapy, Qigong, Reiki, and therapeutic and healing touch, are some examples of these therapies. Alternative Medicine Chicago is a typical search used for individuals living in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs where their search results often focus on the importance of a good diet, sufficient exercise, and other lifestyle adaptations to achieve and maintain good physical, mental and emotional health. When alternative medicine is used with conventional medicine in a fully coordinated approach to patient care, this is referred to as Holistic Healthcare. These therapies bring together the best of all traditions and put increased emphasis on prevention by stimulating the body s natural healing potential. Holistic Healing practitioners like Massage therapists, Psychic guides and Motivational Speakers, employ resources like networking, advertising, client-healer relationships etc to expand their clientele and grow their Holistic Businesses. Holistic Healing Schools train interested individuals in Natural Health programs for healing. Participants will often learn energy and intuitive healing approaches that they can then use in their individual life and approaches may also include the intake of healthful natural elements like fresh air, sunlight, proper diet, pure water and the regulation of exercise and rest. A Health Retreat helps revitalize the mind, body and soul in a comfortable and serene, naturally secluded environment. These retreats help reducing the diverse effects of stress, on-going fatigue and eventual ill health, by providing various kinds of rescue remedies like Yoga, Meditation, personalized Massage etc. A Health Retreat Program can last for weeks, or as short as a weekend. Holistic Getaways have the aim of enabling you to Relax, Revive, Revitalize And Rejuvenate" These getaways or vacation spots provide a sense of enjoyment and lasting rejuvenation to the visitors.
  2. 2. Charlotte Kerver works closely with Chicago Healers helping to promote the firm to wellness seekers and holistic healers throughout the Chicagoland area.