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Healing Powers of Qigong


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Healing Powers of Qigong Qigong is a Chinese health system that has been practiced for over 5,00...

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Healing Powers of Qigong

  1. 1. Healing Powers of Qigong Healing Powers of Qigong Qigong is a Chinese health system that has been practiced for over 5,000 years. Considered to some as a form of Chinese Yoga this healing method combines breathing techniques with flowing movements to stimulate or move energy within the body. There are three distinct Qigong disciplines. They consist of Healing or Medical, Martial, and Spiritual Qigong. All forms have been confirmed to be beneficial in the area of Chinese Medicine. According to the National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Qigong is recognized as a Mind-Body Medicine. Focus on the breath, body posture, and state of awareness opens up the channels for energy Qi to be moved. Through Qigong exercises practitioners are able to correct energy imbalances within the body that may be causing a particular disease or ailment. The process of unblocking Qi strengthens the immune system while regulating hormones, and improving digestion. Philosophy of Energy Healing and CleansingThe Chinese believe the entire universe and everything in it is made up of Qi energy. When disease or any ailment occurs it's due to blocked or imbalanced Qi. Healing is possible when the electromagnetic energy of your body is in harmony. The practice of Qigong cleanses your energy fields allowing Qi to flow freely. Qigong exercises tap into the mind body connection within to gain focus, peace, and clarity. Awareness of the body and breath will set the foundation for healing. In Qigong healing movement is used to increase and maneuver energy.
  2. 2. Blockage at vital organs such as the heart, kidney, lungs, and stomach can be removed from consistent Qigong healing exercises. Healing Qigong is divided into two categories. The first form is called Internal or Self-Treatment. This practice allows individuals to practice specific Qigong exercises on their own to balance the internal energy systems within. The second form is called External Qigong. In this method advanced qigong practitioners harness their Qi to heal another individual. This procedure is usually done by professional Qigong masters at hospitals or retreats. RelaxingClarifies MindBalances MetabolismBoosts Immune System FunctionClears SkinImproves Overall DigestionRestores Sleep PatternsDecreases High Blood PressureHelps Eliminate Body ToxinsIncreases EnergyAids in CirculationPrevents DiseaseReduces PainImproves MemoryDecreases Depression and AnxietyBest Qigong Healing DVDs For Beginner'sInstructional videos are an excellent way to begin your mind body journey through Qigong healing. Francesco and Daisy Lee Garripoli Qigong instructional videos with Gaiam are one of the best series for beginners just starting out. In their Qigong for Cleansing video the husband-and-wife duo breaks down the basics of Qigong and demonstrates qigong exercises to detoxify and cleanse every organ in the body. The slow pace tranquil music and visualization techniques combine to give beginners a well-rounded routine to master. The Qigong for Beginners DVD set is another exceptional instructional series. The two disc DVD set includes the Garripoli's Qigong for Healing and Qigong for Energy videos. Both are loaded with practical lessons and tips for mastering this powerful form of Chinese medicine. Qigong exercises should be practiced regularly. This healing method is safe enough to practice multiple times a day. Always start out slow and increase the length or difficulty of your session with time. Kenneth S. Cohen,The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing, NY Ballantine Books, 1997.