Discover What Qigong Is All About


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Discover What Qigong Is All About If there is a single culture that has always maintained a full...

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Discover What Qigong Is All About

  1. 1. Discover What Qigong Is All About Discover What Qigong Is All About If there is a single culture that has always maintained a fully comprehensive system of alternative medicine, it is the Chinese. The system of Qigong dates back thousands of years, and serves a dual purpose in the lives of its practitioners. It is simultaneously a system of alternative medicine, as well is what the Chinese would refer to as an internal, or "soft" martial art. Literally translated, the word Qigong means to work with energy, and the movements and subtle breeding techniques that are promoted by this system seek to accomplish exactly that. Like other forms of Chinese medicine, believers in the system of Qigong belief in the powerful natural healing characteristics of the human body, but insists that there is a balance that is required to be maintained before good health can hope to be reached. A natural field of ever-flowing energy that courses through every fiber of every living being in the world is responsible for keeping this balance. Through natural living, and deep meditation and breathing techniques promoted in the system, we can make a conscious effort to help this energy to keep in balance. Someone who is just learning about these concepts might wonder what aspects of the physical world could possibly cause a metaphysical source of energy to fall out of balance to the point that the body's health would be affected. A number of things can cause it, from an impure way of living to a poor diet, or even some form of physical injury or trauma. While changes in a person's lifestyle can go a long way to help to correct the damage, it offers a mode of physical and mental exercise that can take a person's effort a lot farther. Qigong can be performed either by a solo practitioner, or as part of a group in a classroom setting. In the case of a group session, slow movements are usually synchronize with carefully planned and controlled breathing techniques. The entire class can move as one, and as such they are able to share the harmony of the environment with one another. They can feed off of one another's energy, which can help to further the effectiveness of the process. Through focus and concentration, they can help to direct the energy that flows through the pathways of the body to areas that may need a healing touch. People that participated in this type of slow meditative exercise have reported an increase in their energy levels after just a few sessions. They feel more vigorous and vibrant than before, and this has prompted many in the world of Western medicine to suggest that people try it as a method of coping
  2. 2. with symptoms of fatigue, including those brought on by certain types of cancer. They are not claiming that it can heal serious illnesses like cancer, or anything of the sort. What it can do is put someone in a better mental mind state to be able to cope with the stresses of conventional treatment.