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Epz(Export Processing Zone)


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Epz(Export Processing Zone)

  1. 1. Presentation onExport Processing Zone
  2. 2. Prepared forTanvir Ahmad TorophderLecturerDepartment of Business AdministrationLeading University, Sylhet.
  3. 3. Prepared by
  4. 4. 1. EPZ stands for Export Processing Zone.2. Export Processing zones proliferated in the late 20th century.3. Most EPZs located in developing countries.4. EPZs employing increased from 22.5 to 43 million people in 2003.5. The basic objectives of EPZs to enhance foreign exchange earnings and to generate employment opportunities.6. EPZs also known as Special Economic Zones in some countries.
  5. 5. About BEPZA:‫ ع‬BEPZA stands for Bangladesh Export Processing ZoneAuthority.‫ ع‬created in 1980.‫ ع‬the official body to promote, attract and facilitate foreign   ,  .investment in EPZs.  ‫ ع‬The government adopted an Open Door Policy to attractforeign investment to Bangladesh.‫ ع‬An EPZ is defined as a territorial or economic enclave inwhich goods may be imported and manufactured.
  6. 6. BEPZA - Official (Executive Office)Major General A T M Shahidul Islam Executive ChairmanSayed Nurul Islam Member (Investment Promotion)Khandaker Akhtaruzzaman Member (Engineering)A K M Mahbubur Rahman Member (Finance)Md. Shawkat Nabi SecretaryMostafizur Rahman Khan GM ( Security)A Z M Azizur Rahman GM (Investment)Kazi Abdul Aziz Chief Accounts and Finance OfficerMd. Shah Alam Sarkar Chief EngineerMd. Mehbub Ali GM (MIS)-In ChargeAkter Alam Mustafi GM (Public Relation)-In ChargeAbdus Shukur Miah GM (Audit)Md. Nurul Haque GM (Enterprise Service)S. S. Kibria GM (Maintenance)Mr. Abdullah Al-Mahbub PS to Chairman
  7. 7. EPZ Provides: » Plots/factory BLDG in custom bonded area » Infrastructural facilities » Administrative facilities » Fiscal & non-fiscal incentives » EPZ attracts : foreign & local investment
  8. 8. Objective:๏ Provide special areas where potential investors would find a congenial investment climate & free from cumbersome procedures.๏ Promotion of foreign (FDI) & local investment๏ Diversifiaction of export๏ Dev. OF backward & forward linkages๏ Generation of employment๏ Transfer of technology๏ Upgradation of skill๏ Development of management
  9. 9. Indicative List of Industries:๏ Backward and forward linkage Industries ๏ Textile๏ Garments and Garments Accessories ๏ Chemicals๏ Agro-based Industries ๏ Software๏ Woven and Knitted Fabrics ๏ Optical Goods๏ Leather Products and Foot-Wear ๏ Electronic Products๏ Medical and Biological Instruments ๏ Toys๏ Engineering Products ๏ Head-Wear๏ Pharmaceutical Products ๏ Plastic Moulded Products๏ Industries based on new uses of Jute ๏ Precious stones๏ Cutting/Polishing of Precious and Semi ๏ Jewellery๏ Household Fittings and Equipment ๏ Laboratory Ware๏ Horological Instruments ๏ Aircraft Instruments๏ Scientific Measuring Instruments ๏ Musical instruments๏ Do-it-yourself Tools and Equipment ๏ Printing and Publishing๏ Printing and Copying Equipment & Accessories NB: This list is not exhaustive, only indicative.
  11. 11. SETTING-UP FIRMS IN EPZsBangladesh allows foreign investment in EPZs in convertibleforeign currencies with the option of establishing public orprivate limited companies, or sole proprietorship orpartnership undertakings. Industries allowed to beestablished in EPZs are classified as follows:(a) Type A: 100 per cent foreign-owned firms, includinginvestment by Bangladeshi nationals ordinarily residentabroad. Such as NIKE, REEBOK, ADIDAS.
  12. 12. SETTING-UP FIRMS IN EPZs (continued) (b) Type B: Joint venture projects between foreign and Bangladeshi entrepreneurs resident in Bangladesh. Such as Brooks, JC Penny, Falcon. (c) Type C: 100 per cent Bangladeshi entrepreneurs resident in Bangladesh. Such as EMMILEE, Konka.
  13. 13. INCENTIVES OFFERED IN EPZ Fiscal incentives• Tax holiday for 10 years;• Exemption of income tax on interest on borrowed capital;• Relief from double taxation subject to bilateral agreements;• Complete exemption from dividend tax• Exemption of income tax on salaries• Duty-free import of machinery;Non-fiscal incentives• Project expansion and product diversification withoutpermission;• Off-shore, local and international banking facilities;• Freedom from national import policy restrictions;• Expeditious import of raw materials on a documentaryacceptance basis;• Back-to-back letter of credit for the import of raw materials
  14. 14. Facilities• Secured and protected industrial area;• Land and factory buildings forrent;• Electricity, telecommunication, gas and water facilities;• Export and import permitsissued in one day;• Work permits for foreign nationals;
  15. 15. CUSTOMS REGULATIONS FOR EPZ The customs procedure relating to export from or import into EPZs to or from any country outside Bangladesh is regulated by Bangladesh Bank .The list of items allowed to be purchased from the Bangladesh tariff area in local currency for use in EPZs includes:
  16. 16. EXPORTS FROM EPZ  Sales of Bangladesh goods against payment inforeign currency are treated as exports. Concerning the repatriation of export procedures. exports made from EPZs must be declared toCustoms using export forms . as per conditions of export letter of credit/export agreement will be treated as valid documents air waybill and other title documents of exportconsignments
  17. 17. Imports to EPZEPZ enterprises must submit six copies of an import declaration. The import declaration will be registered in thecustoms station. Then, five copies of the declaration will behanded over to the importer or authorized agent.The import declaration will be endorsed as"Passed out of Customs Control" by an authorizedofficer.The goods will be escorted from the port to the EPZ enterpriseswithout examination.
  18. 18. LABOUR ISSUES IN EPZBEPZA is vested with the responsibility to administer labour mattersfor all enterprises located in EPZs. Minimum wages in EPZs are setas follows:Minimum wages (monthly) Apprentice/trainee US$ 22.00Unskilled US$ 38.00Semi-skilled US$ 45.00Skilled US$ 63.00Other benefits include conveyance allowance, house rent, medicalallowance and festival bonus.
  20. 20. Bangladeshi EPZs at a glanceEPZ-Dhaka EPZ-Uttara EPZ-Adamjee EPZ-ChittagongEPZ-Comilla EPZ-Ishwardi EPZ-Karnaphuli EPZ-Mongla
  21. 21. View EPZs Location in map>> Uttara Dhaka Ishwardi Comilla Madamee EPZAdamjee Chittagong Mongla Karnaphuli EPZ Karnaphuli
  22. 22. Contact Information:* Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) BEPZA COMPLEX, HOUSE: 19/D, ROAD: 6, DHANMONDI R/A, DHAKA, BANGLADESH. Phone :   +880 2 8650058* Chittagong Export Processing Zone (EPZ-CTG) South Halishahar, Chittagong. Phone:   +880 31 741446* Dhaka Export Processing Zone (EPZ-DAK) Ganakbari, Savar, Dhaka. Phone:   +880 2 7789002* Mongla Export Processing Zone (EPZ-MON) Mongla, Bagerhat Phone: +880 04662 75199
  23. 23. Contact Information:* Comilla Export Processing Zone (EPZ-COM) Airport Area, Comilla Phone: +880 081 77055* Ishwardi Export Processing Zone (EPZ-ISD) Ishurdi, Pabna Phone: +880 07326 63962* Uttara Export Processing Zone (EPZ-UTR) Shongalshi, Nilphamari Phone: +880 0551 61586 Adamjee Export Processing Zone (EPZ-ADM)* Adamjee Nagar, Siddirgang, Narayangang Phone: +880 2 7692938* Karnaphulai Export Processing Zone (EPZ-KAR) Karnaphuli, Chittagong Phone: +880 31 2501469
  24. 24. Overview of EPZ (2011) No. of industries Investment ExportName of (m US$) (m US$) Employment Under EPZ Manufacturing implementationChittagong 161 15 801.86 12,384.12 1,55,121Comilla 26 18 122.33 497.18 9,040Mongla 06 06 2.66 65.09 152Uttara 08 04 10.19 5.68 4,023Ishwardi 08 11 31.09 27.08 4,407Adamjee 21 27 110.98 143.35 14,163karnaphuli 23 27 118.34 166.97 16,501Total 351 114 1,935.86 23,548.71 282,392
  25. 25. Year wise Investment in EPZ Year Current Cumulative 152.37 2006-07 1,132.26 2007-08 302.19 1,434.45 2008-09 148.03 1,582.47 2009-10 211.99 1804.46 2010-11 313.23 117.69 2011-12 ( March,12) 264.68 2382.38 Growth (2010-2011) 41%
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