Moving towards becoming a social enterprise engage 2013


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Slides of the presentation delivered during Engage 2013 on June 21 & 22, 2013

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Moving towards becoming a social enterprise engage 2013

  1. 1. Moving Towards BecomingA Social EnterpriseThe Philosophy, The Need, The Processes, TheTools & The BenefitsA presentation by Raja Mitra
  2. 2. ● Markets are conversations● Internet enables conversations among humans that werentquite possible in the era of mass media● In both internetworked markets & intranetworked employeespeople are speaking to each other in new ways.● Public relations often did not relate to the public. Companiesoften have been afraid of their markets.● Todays org chart is hyperlinked not hierarchical. Respect forhands-on knowledge wins over respect for abstract authority.● You want us to pay? Level with us, tell us something honest &interesting for a change. (ack. The Cluetrain Manifesto )Six Theses to RememberDigital CRM 2
  3. 3. Some other trends & projections● The growing importance of Social Proof● The increasing trend of So(cial) Mo(bile) Lo(cal) - SoMoLo○ World pop. 7.1 bn Mobile subscription:6.8 bn● The coming of the 2nd Web: A whole web of objectsinterconnected to a whole web of people.● Lifelogging, Augmented reality devices & SemanticSearch - an intuitive, conversational search,anticipating queries based on personal info is going tobe a reality soon.Digital CRM 3
  4. 4. The Social Business TransformationClosed SelectiveControllingEngaged ConnectedAdaptiveTransparentDigital CRM 4
  5. 5. Changes on the way to becoming a SocialBusiness● Stop sending messagesinternally & externally● Discard systems,technologies, processeswhich have led to buildingsilos● Debunk misconceptions,myths & fears about socialmedia● Dont try a make it up aswe go along approach;fallouts can be damaging &can setback the process● Start building relationshipsinternally & externally● Build engagements &conversations all across.● Gain executive sponsorshipto facilitate transformation● Use expert guidance inbuilding social employees,managers & CEO. Build &manage Communitiesinternally & externally.Digital CRM 5
  6. 6. The internal & external dynamics of aSocial BusinessPeople ProcessTechnologyThe SocialBusinessOrg. modelsExecutive SupportDismantling SilosCollaborationMkt. investment inSMGovernanceSM GuidelinesFeedbackWorkflowsEnterprise ExpansionMgmt. PhilosophyInternal Collaboration Community SoftwareListening Platforms Sentiment Analysis Social CRMAnalytics / Metrics Big Data Strategy & Implmn.Digital CRM 6
  7. 7. Digital Media, Internet &Social Media SnapshotsUsers, Social Media, Websites, Pages -Globally & Regionally.Compiled by Digital CRM
  8. 8. The WWW in numbersRegion Pop. (Est.Millions )InternetUser (mill.)2012 Est.Penetration(% Pop.)Growth %(2000 -2012)Users as %ofTotal (Table)Africa 1,073 167 15.6% 3,606% 7%Asia 3,922 1,077 27.5% 842% 45%Europe 821 519 63% 393% 21.5%Middle East 224 90 40% 2,640% 7%N. America 348 274 79% 153% 11%Latin America /Caribbean594 255 43% 1,311% 10.6%Oceania 36 24 68% 219% 1%World Total 7,018 2,405 34% 566% 100.0%Source : Internet World Stats
  9. 9. The Internet - Regional Percentages2.4 billion internet users globally as on June, 2012Digital CRM 9
  10. 10. Top 10 internet usage countries - Asia
  11. 11. The Web & Social Media - Some HighlightsSome Social Media Snippets:● Total no. of indexed Pages on Open Web: 14.3billion (Mar. 2013)● Twitter has over 400 million accounts.● Linkedin has 220 million users.● YouTube has 1 billion active users monthly● Facebook total no. active users: 1.1 billion● Google+ total no. of active users: 390 million● ( **all figures, except indexed pages as of May 2013)Digital CRM 11
  12. 12. ● Supplements existing efforts of the organization in Marketing,Customer Support, HR, Communications & BI tangibly & cost-effectively● As a force multiplier it needs acceptance & adoption by the apexmanagement and by the departmental head to succeed.● A Social CEO has been shown to be more effective than aconventional CEO and more competitive too.● A mindset change is needed across the organization: transition froma Closed, Selective, Controlling mindset to an Open, Random &Supportive one.● Definitions & measures worked out to measure the effectiveness ofSocial Media are closely aligned with organizational & departmentalobjectives, goals, strategies & KPIsWhat does it Achieve?Digital CRM 12
  13. 13. ● Social Media is a waste of time● Social Media is a passing fad● It will lead to major changes and be quitedisruptive.● People and customers will start sayingawkward, embarrassing or negative thingspublicly.● Confidential information could leak outthrough Social Media● It involves a fair bit of work; we neitherhave the manpower nor the necessaryexpertise to do this.Apprehensions & Myths DebunkedCompletelyControllableNot TrueDigital CRM 13
  14. 14. Application, Attributes &Overarching Benefits● Applicable to Mktg,Business Dev., CustomerSupport, HR, Corp. Commnand others.● Facilitates Brand &Relationship Buildingthrough conversations -external & internal.● Works equally well in B2C& B2B environments.● Supplements existingefforts & is cost-effective.● Supplements existingcorporate & departmentalinitiatives.● Needs to be sustained overa period.● Results and key parameterscan be measured &progress seen.● Works towards creating aSocial Business which hasbeen mostly shown toperform better w.r.t.growth & bottomline.Digital CRM 14
  15. 15. Strategic ApproachMission of Social Media-- A non-financial statement that addresses the what vs. the how,sets direction & aids decision makingSocial Goals & Objectives-- Stated measurable targets (outcomes) for achieving a particulartask, in sync. with missionThe SMART approach■ Specific■ Measurable■ Achievable■ Relevant■ Time SpecificDigital CRM 15
  16. 16. Social Strategy & Tactical PlanStrategy: Takes into consideration the organizational,departmental & team goals. Defines the how for the whatearlier.Tactics: Specific actions to be taken to achieve the Strategicgoals. Actionable & aligned with mission goals & strategy.These includea. SM Governance Policyb. SM Guidebookc. Training to employees to enable effective use of internal &external networks, Apps.d. Define measures & metrics / analytics tools to be used.e. Implement Social Listening, Sentiment Analysis.Digital CRM 16
  17. 17. The external Networks● Facebook● Twitter● Google+● YouTube● Linkedin● Pinterest● Reddit● Blogs● Sites ......................................Digital CRM 17
  18. 18. Digital CustomerRelationship Metrics LLP(Regn. No.: T12LL0105B)Email: marketing@digicrmetrics.comBlog: http://www.digicrmetrics.blogspot.comPage - Facebook - Google+